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The end of a beautiful weekend

Monday, November 30th, 2009

On Saturday, we took the bus to the Contemporary Jewish Museum to see the Sendak on Sendak exhibit.  Ella kind of raced through the exhibit but then stopped when something caught her eye.  She really liked some of the books.  Ella was also really into this other thing where you can draw on a mouse pad.  She was really cooperative with taking turns with the other kids there.  Grandma and papa left on the red-eye on Saturday night and will be back at the end of December.  We’re all looking forward to another wonderful visit.  Today Sunny did a speaking engagement in Napa and Ella and I hung around in the neighborhood…had breakfast at Crossroads and then visited Becca and the doggies.   When Sunny came home, Ella helped her clean up downstairs.  Ella is great at the dustbuster.

114.jpg Beautiful family walking to the bus.

28.jpg The sunglasses crew.

38.jpg46.jpgElla loves these water steps.

56.jpg Reading “Where the Wild Things Are”.

65.jpg Throwing coins into the water with papa.

75.jpg Ella had a little fit and didn’t want to sit with us when we were eating lunch.  She was crying into the wall…I call this photo “The Wailing Wall”.

85.jpg Going down the slide at Yerba Buena.

94.jpg105.jpgTrue love.

115.jpg Posing with Orlando Cepeda on the way to Crossroads.

124.jpg Fooling around on the way to Becca’s.

Here is a video of last week’s ballet class.

Grandma and Papa are in town!

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

It’s been a while for me.  Grandma and papa arrived on Monday after visiting Jesse and Heather in LA.  Ella was so excited when they picked her up from school with me.  Mommy had some major dental surgery on Monday so she was at home recovering.  She is doing really well now…only took about 2 days to begin the healing process.  Grandma and papa went to Ella’s ballet class.  That made Ella really happy too.  On Tuesday, I went to work and Ella went to school and then grandma and papa came with me to pick her up.  We all went to Bi-Rite to get some ice cream for ourselves and to pick some salted caramel ice cream up for mommy.  On Wednesday, it was grandparents and special friends day at Ella’s school and Ella was thrilled to have grandma and papa at school, in her classroom, and watching a great outdoor assembly.  On Thanksgiving day, we woke up, had breakfast and then went back upstairs to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Ella loved it – there were so many characters that she recognized.  On Thursday night Sunny and I went to see Precious – heavy movie but a topic that we are both so used to with the work that we do.  Today we went to Pier 39 to the aquarium, had a great crab lunch and then went to a little shop where Ella picked out an oyster and this woman opened it up and found a pearl inside.  Ella was concentrating so hard on watching what was going on and was kind of in shock when she saw the pearl come out of the oyster.  We have had a great visit with my parents and can’t wait for them to come back Christmas time.  We have one more full day of fun tomorrow and then they leave on the red eye.  We love you guys!

110.jpg Grandma reading to Ella before ballet class.

27.jpg Leaving school on Tuesday.

37.jpg Walking to Bi-Rite with grandma and papa.  Love the dress AJ!

45.jpg Papa and Ella having some ice cream together.

55.jpg Touching the trees.

64.jpgElla and some of the sweet kids from her class reading books before school starts.

74.jpg Grandma and papa in Ella’s classroom.

84.jpg On Wednesday night, Sunny and Ella did a little scooter ride around the ballpark.  The trees are beautifully lit and the night was magical.

93.jpg Ella and Juliet hanging out together.

104.jpg Mommy and Ella.

113.jpg All you need is love, love…love is all you need.

123.jpg Grandma cautiously watching Ella climb the red thing.

133.jpg143.jpgPlaying with papa on the merry go round thing.

153.jpg Heading up the stairs to the aquarium.

161.jpgElla in the octopus tank.

171.jpg181.jpg191.jpg20.jpgHere are Ella, mommy and grandma at the “petting” part of the aquarium, waiting for the rays to come out of the water to pet them.  It’s really exciting and a happy experience.

211.jpg Ella petting a red-eared slider.

221.jpg Ella picking out an oyster.

231.jpgHere we are watching the lady trying to find the pearl.

241.jpg Here is Ella’s pearl…it’s beautiful and she loves it.

Here is a short video of Ella on Wednesday night riding her scooter outside of the ballpark where they just put up magical lights and then of Ella picking out an oyster and finding the pearl.

Princess bowling and Happy 15th birthday Bug!

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Stella and Juliet were away during Ella’s birthday and Ella really wanted to celebrate with them.  Ella wanted to go bowling and wear princess dresses so we did…

19.jpg Welcome to my bowling party…

26.jpg36.jpg44.jpgThe beautiful princesses hanging out at the bowling alley.

54.jpg Ella did a great job – it only took about 4 minutes for the ball to make it to the pins.  Good thing the bumpers were up.  Check out Ron’s form right next to Ella.

63.jpgOur happy girl.

73.jpg I look like I was signaling to hit a home run.

83.jpgLooks like Ella is getting a little tired.  It’s tough for a 34 pound kid to roll a 6 pound ball down the alley!

92.jpgSunny and KJ watching Helen bowl.


112.jpgNext stop is lunch at Mo’s.

122.jpg Watching the ice skaters.  Ella wants to do this next.

132.jpg Ming Ming cupcake time.

142.jpg152.jpgBeautiful Bug turned 15 today!  It’s so hard to believe that we’ve been together for almost 15 years.  She is virtually deaf and blind and yet she is so sweet and loving and wonderful.  Love you Bug!

The lighting of the Embarcadero buildings and Ming Ming cupcakes

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

On Friday night, we were going to have Friday night movie night with Stella, Juliet and the rest of the Kim/Arena clan but then we heard about some festivities happening at the Embarcadero buildings.  They were lighting the buildings for the holidays and there was a Disney on Ice thing going on at the outdoor rink.  We all had a lot of fun…it was crowded but the kids were troopers.  We had dinner at Taylors in the ferry building and then we walked all the way home.  The kids were running and climbing and jumping and way too exhausted to watch a movie.  It was a sweet night.  Today, we hung around the house and then Sunny and Ella made “Ming Ming” cupcakes.  I have to show them right now – they are fantastic!

16.jpg17.jpgCan you believe what a great job Sunny did!?  The crazy one with M& M hair was my creation with Ella.  We called it ding ding.

Now for last night’s pictures.

18.jpg Ella’s artwork is evolving daily.  She did all of this by herself.

25.jpg Ella has been into drawing bugs and bees and butterflies.

35.jpg Big jump in the lobby.

43.jpg Big girls walking to the train.

53.jpg62.jpg72.jpgWatching the show.

82.jpg91.jpgThe illuminated buildings.

102.jpg Going over to Taylors.  I got my haircut yesterday and he blew it straight. A little bit of a different look for me.

111.jpg Starting to walk home.

121.jpg Strolling home with the beautiful Bay Bridge in the background.

131.jpg141.jpg151.jpgClimbing, running and jumping.

Another Ballet Video

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

I fought the fatigue and put the movie together.  I hope you all enjoy it.  xoxo

Ella the shark

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

When we were at the dentist in May, they did x-rays of the front of Ella’s mouth to see if and how her adult teeth were developing…if they were in place etc.  The dentist gave us a copy of the x-ray and we left it at the office.  When we were there last week, they gave us another copy.  I scanned it and it’s really cool.

34.jpgThe first shot is the top teeth and the second shot are her bottom teeth.  Can you believe that she is living with two sets of teeth right now?  What a trip.

Ella did a great job today in ballet.  Alicia was out today so Ella’s hairstyle wasn’t as fancy as a regular Alicia Monday but she looked really cute.  I will make the movie tomorrow.  Here are 2 pictures from today.

15.jpg Ella right before going into ballet class.  The band-aids are from her 4 year shots.  She won’t let us take the band-aids off because she thinks it is going to hurt.  She’s right.

24.jpg Ella talking to the birds in the Zen garden.

Catching up

Monday, November 16th, 2009

What a crazy week.  Not only did Ella turn 4 this week but she had her 4 year dentist appointment and her 4 year doctor appointment.  Her dentist appointment was on Tuesday.  She was very anxious about it and pretty much cried all the way there.  Once we got there, she was ok – a little crying here and there but not having to do with anything that the dentist was doing.  She was on Sunny’s lap the whole time and watched Toy Story on the video.  Her teeth are looking good – she loves to brush her teeth but she hates using toothpaste.  That’s our big next step…we have already tried all the flavors, even chocolate, and she pretty much gags.  We won’t give up.

Ella went to the doctor on Friday.  She was a little nervous before the appointment but not so bad.  When we got to the waiting room, she started to cry a little bit.  Once she was in there, she was totally cool.  Ella now weighs about 33 pounds and is 38″.  She had a vision test, hearing test and had her blood pressure taken…all firsts.  Everything was great.  Ella then had the H1N1 nose spray and 2 other boosters.  They didn’t have any more seasonal flu shots so we are going to have to go back next month.  Ella didn’t like the shots too much but she did much better than I do when I get shots.

On Friday night, one of Ella’s classmates Eli, his brother Harry and their parents came over for Friday night movie night.  We all had a great time.  The boys love music so for a good part of the night, the kids were upstairs singing in the microphone, hitting the drums and playing the piano.  Ella took the camera and took some great pictures of the boys.

14.jpg23.jpg33.jpgMommy made Ella chocolate chip pancakes on the morning of her birthday.  Mommy has skills – check out “Ella” in pancakes!

42.jpg52.jpg61.jpg71.jpgSome of Ella’s great photos of Eli and Harry.

81.jpgHarry took this art shot of Ella.

Here is last week’s ballet school video…we have been very busy this week!


Friday, November 13th, 2009

This video is incredible because Ella is becoming such an amazing swimmer.  I couldn’t think of any terrific music so I just left it raw.  Enjoy!

Ella’s birthday

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Today was really Ella’s birthday – we have been celebrating since Saturday and we have a lot more celebrating to go.  Ella had school today since it’s a private school and Sunny and I were off from work.  We spent the day cleaning the house while Ella was having a blast in school with her teachers and classmates.  At 1:45, Sunny and I went into Ella’s classroom, brought cupcakes and showed a slide show of our trip to Disney.  The kids seemed to like watching the video.  Ella’s classmates sang Happy Birthday to Ella in 3 languages…Spanish, English and Chinese.  I caught it all on tape and that will be at the end of this entry.  After school Ella had swimming and Sunny went and got some great footage…maybe I’ll make a movie tomorrow night.  After swimming we met a bunch of our friends at Los Jarritos.  It was a lot of fun.  Ella is one loved child who loves right back!  What a beautiful day for beautiful Ella.

41.jpg Brickelle, Brooklyn and Ella hanging out after school.

13.jpg22.jpg32.jpg51.jpgFun and love at Los Jarritos.

Now for the super cute singing

LA trip continued

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

12happybdaypin.jpgAfter the happy birthday phone call from Goofy, they gave Ella this happy birthday pin.

13nemoride.jpg This is the submarine for the Nemo ride.

14downthehatch.jpg Ella going down the hatch.

15nemo.jpg16nemo.jpgEveryone loved this ride.  Ella was mesmerized.

17dumbo.jpg18dumbo.jpgThe Dumbo ride!  We stayed up high during the entire ride.

19pinn.jpg20pinn.jpgThe Pinocchio ride was a little scary for Ella but she felt brave and safe sitting next to uncle Jesse.

21peterpan.jpg22peterpan.jpgThe Peter Pan ride.  This is such a beautiful ride.

23jasmine.jpg24ariel.jpg25ariel.jpg27belle.jpg28belle.jpgThis princess part was a magical part for Ella and such a breath taking part for all of us.  Ella transformed when she saw the princesses.  It was as if she walked into another world.  The first princess is Jasmine and I think that Ella was in shock.  When she saw Ariel, she was so excited.  Ariel loved her peacock necklace and Ella hung onto Ariel’s words.  Ariel told Ella that if she saw Scuttle (a seagull from The Little Mermaid) to tell him that Ariel is waiting for him.  Ella was obsessed with finding Scuttle the rest of the day and night.  By the time she got to Belle, Ella was beyond happy.  She told Belle that she knew that Belle taught the Beast how to love.  Belle looked at Ella and said, “I can tell that I don’t have to teach you how to love…you already know”.  Ella loved that.  The only thing that would have made her day was if Cinderella was there.

29up.jpg30upparade.jpgWe took a little break for hot chocolate and coffee and we saw a little parade that had the characters from the movie “Up”.  Ella loved watching it from mommy’s shoulders.

31bugslife.jpg Ella and aunt Heather on “a Bug’s Life” ride.

32bumpercars.jpg Ella riding in her very first bumper car.

33tired.jpg34havingfun.jpgGetting a little tire but still having a blast.

35buzz.jpg36buzz.jpg37buzz.jpg38buzz.jpgThis was the Buzz Lightyear 3D arcade game.  We all had on our 3D glasses.  This was a lot of fun and Ella who was a little scared right before the right turned to me during the ride and said, “You’re right mama, this ride is fun!”

39cupcake.jpg A happy birthday cupcake.

40doggies.jpg42doggies.jpgJesse and Heather’s doggies Bob, Inca and Snake.

What a fantastic weekend…now on with the celebrations!