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More beautiful weather and fun times

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

We have been going to the pool pretty regularly and today we went to Wood Park.  Ella was much more daring and had fun climbing and jumping and sliding and pulling herself through tunnels.  At one point, I was going through a tunnel ahead of her and she said, “You can’t fit – your tushy is too big!”  I am proud to say that it wasn’t too big but I couldn’t stop laughing.  OK mommy – get here already.  Your turn to pull yourself through the tunnel!  Grandma just stood and watched us and laughed and said “OY”.  On Monday night, Ella and I went into NY and had dinner with AJ, Michael, Jordin and Kevin.  Carolyn and Vaughn were also over for a little while and Ella got to meet him for the first time.  She had fun with him and really seemed to like him.  He is a cutie.  When they were leaving, Ella looked at Vaughn and said, “Don’t forget – you are my cousin”.  Ella was a trooper at a late dinner and ended the night on Kevin’s lap playing with my iTouch.

1lobster.jpg Ella trying to negotiate with this little girl to get a turn on her lobster.

2playing.jpg Here she is pretending that she doesn’t care that she doesn’t have a big floatie but she really does.

31.jpg Ella scored a lizard thinks to grandma bear.

4.jpg51.jpg61.jpgMore floating.

71.jpg81.jpgElla and Vaughn getting to know each other.

101.jpg111.jpgHaving fun with uncle Michael and Kevin.

121.jpg131.jpgWhat beautiful photos.  Milo will be here any day now!

141.jpg151.jpg171.jpg161.jpgLots of fun in the tunnels and climbing at wood park.

18.jpg A big girl reading a story to Ella at the library.

191.jpg201.jpg211.jpgPlaying ball with papa.  Notice that Ella actually left the house today wearing shorts and a tank top.  We didn’t make a big deal about it but it was pretty cool.

I just found out from Mommy that she is coming a week from today.  I can’t wait to see you.  We love you so much!

There is a lounge chair with your name on it at the Leonia pool mommy!

Monday, July 6th, 2009

We had a great weekend.  The weather is finally beautiful…2 days without rain and a lot of sun.  We spent most of yesterday and today at the Leonia Pool – this place has a lot of meaning for me.  We spent most of our summers as kids at the Leonia Pool either at swim team practice or just hanging out with our friends.  Ella loves the kiddie pool there and she has been having a blast.  On July 4th, there were a bunch of little games at the kiddie pool and Ella participated in all of them.  As soon as I can get the movies loaded, I will entertain you with the live action movie, but for now, the pictures should do.  Come on over here mommy – the Leonia pool is calling you.  We love and miss you.

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg5.jpgSome action shots of Ella having fun in the pool.

6.jpg7.jpg8.jpgThis was a game where you pushed a baloon around the pool and through hoops and stuff.  Ella was excellent.

9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg12.jpgThis was the game where they threw about 3 dollars worth of pennies on the bottom of the pool and the kids had to find them.  Ella collected 14 pennies!

13.jpg Ella waiting on line to swim through these hoops. I have a great video of it.  Stay tuned.

14.jpg Ella taking a little rest on grandma.

15.jpg16.jpg17.jpgElla had a great time playing around in these little houses.  At one point, Ella was in a house and some kids wanted to come in.  She shut all the doors and windows and told them that they had to ring the bell.  Once they rang the bell, she let them in but they couldn’t play until they used the Purell (pretend Purell).

19.jpg Ella chillin’ with Normyn.

20.jpg Ella took this picture of me…not too bad.

21.jpg22.jpg23.jpg24.jpg25.jpgElla doing an arts and crafts project today at the pool.  She made a fan and a picture frame.

26.jpg Beautiful Normyn.

27.jpg28.jpg29.jpgSearching for fireflies with grandma and papa…Ella LOVES the fireflies.

Busy day today

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Today Ella, grandma and I went into NY.  Ella had a playdate with Nikki B and grandma and I went to a party to celebrate KK’s birthday.  Ella went to Magnolia for a cupcake with Nikki B, then to the Museum of Natural History and then to a diner.  Ella had a great time and I hope Nikki B sends me pictures of their adventures!  We had a great time at the party – hung out with great friends.  Ella fell asleep in the car on the way home and when she woke up from a good nap, she went to the park with grandma and papa and then they had dinner.  I went into NY to hang out with AJ and Michael and then we came back to NJ.  Tonight we discovered that Ella has some trumpet skills.  She started out by blowing the shofar and then took a turn at uncle Michael’s trumpet!  She was fantastic and so cute.  I have a movie but need to figure out how to download it onto this blog from the computer I am working on.  For now, there are really cute pictures.

1ellaarms.jpg Just a cute picture of Ella from the other day.

2ellagrma.jpg Ella and grandma about to head into NY.

3nywalking.jpg Ella and grandma in NY.

4mimi1.jpg Ella finding Nikki B’s cat Mimi under the covers.

5sisters.jpg6lokk.jpg7laurenmom.jpg8laurenmike.jpg9laurpriscilla.jpgI made the rounds at my table during KK’s party.

10papaella.jpg11ellaswing.jpg12papaella.jpg13papaella.jpgHaving fun with papa (and grandma who was the park photographer) at Fireman’s Park.

14trumpet.jpg15trumpet.jpg16duet.jpgElla and uncle Michael playing around on the trumpet and shofar.  This was so sweet to watch.

16kissingmilo.jpg Ella kissing Milo in AJ’s belly.

18smileaj.jpg Ella has a real thing for AJ.

The day and night were wonderful.  The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been if mommy were here.  WE LOVE YOU! WE MISS YOU!

First few days in New Jersey

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Ella and I arrived on Tuesday evening.  Ella was great on the plane and we had a good flight.  The weather has been a little rainy so we haven’t gone to the pool yet but we have been running around and having a great time.  We miss mommy a whole bunch and can’t wait for her to get here.  Last night, Cheryl, Emma and James came over here for dinner and then we went to a very tacky carnival in Leonia.  Ella had so much fun with Cheryl and the kids and thought the carnival was lots of fun.  Ella fell asleep on the way to the car from the carnival and I put her in her bed at about 8:30 hoping that we escaped the time difference battle.  I lost!  Ella woke up 2 hours later thinking that she took a nap.  At around 12:00 we ate leftover Chinese food (second dinner) and Ella finally fell asleep at 2:00 am which means that I finally fell asleep then too.  Very tired right now.

1nj.jpg2nj.jpgElla on the first night we arrived.  Grandma bought Ella this fancy nightgown which Ella loves of course.

4nj1.jpg Emma, Ella and James at the carnival.  Emma and James won those little prizes for Ella.

5nj.jpg Emma and Ella on the carousel – the only ride that I would let Ella go on.

6nj.jpg Of course Ella loved the carousel.

7nj.jpgEmma and James on a wild ride.

8nj.jpg9nj.jpgElla having fun with Cheryl.

The aquarium with Juliet

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

On Monday before we left for our trip back east, Ella, Juliet, Helen and I had a little adventure together.  We all went to the aquarium at Pier 39 and then had a delicious crab lunch.  The girls were great – a lot of fun to hang out with.  When we get back at the end of June, Stella and Juliet will have a little brother!  How exciting.

1ej.jpg Ella and Juliet in the elevator getting ready for the aquarium.

2ej.jpg These guys have fun no matter what they’re doing.  Everything is an adventure.

3ej.jpg5ej.jpgPlaying around in the glass bubble in the tank.

6ej.jpg7ej.jpgJuliet, Ella and Helen putting their hands in the ray/baby shark pool pet the little creatures.