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Pride parade and Los Jarritos

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

On Sunday we marched in the Pride Parade with Becca and the Animal Care & Control people.  We had a great day and Ella marched for most of the parade.  When she wasn’t marching, she was on Mommy’s shoulders.  Ella was fantastic and loved watching the crowds as we marched by.  Sunny painted her face to look like a cat and she loved it.  At night, we met Helen, Ron and the girls at Los Jarritos for a see ya next month dinner.  It was a really fun night.

14.jpg24.jpg34.jpg44.jpgMommy is getting to be a really talented face painter.

54.jpg63.jpgWe bumped into Brickelle and her mom and dad and brother on the way to meeting Becca.  Ella was really happy and surprised.

72.jpg Becca brought her dogs Tucker and Digby to the parade.

82.jpg The three of us getting ready to make the turn onto Market street.

91.jpg Three of Becca’s staff members did an incredible job looking cute in the extreme heat!

101.jpg Riding on the train with the doggies on the way home.

112.jpg122.jpg132.jpgMeeting up with Stella and Juliet in front of Los Jarritos.

141.jpg At the jukebox with Juliet.

15.jpg In our lobby with Juliet.  They look like such big girls.

16.jpg 3 buddies making shrinky dinks.

A quick weekend with papa

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Papa came in on Friday night for the weekend.  He had a meeting and dinner on Saturday and we were lucky enough to have him stay with us.  On Friday, papa and I picked Ella up from her last day of camp.  I didn’t tell Ella that papa was coming with me to get her and when she saw us, she kind of ignored us and kept doing the dancing activity with a big smile on her face (which was face painted).  A few minutes later, Ella was in papa’s arms.  Sunny, papa, Ella and I had dinner at Nama and then we watched Cinderella for movie night.  This morning, we hung around the house, papa went to his meeting, I went to an appointment and Sunny and Ella went out for lunch in this beautiful weather we are having.  This afternoon, papa and Ella did Shrinky Dinks and then Debby, Toby and Rachel came over for a visit.  Tonight we had dinner with Becca and Melissa while my dad had his business dinner.  At night, we played around, sang songs, and papa read a lot of books to Ella.  Ella fell asleep on papa tonight as he read to her.  It was beautiful.  WE hope she sleeps through the night because last night was brutal.

13.jpg Ella and papa outside of the school.

23.jpg The kitty cat with clown make-up.

33.jpg Big hug for papa.

43.jpg Walking down the street.

53.jpg62.jpgHaving fun at Nama.

71.jpg81.jpgOur litte champion in her adorable robe.

9.jpg Papa and Ella doing Shrinky Dinks.

10.jpg111.jpgMommy and Ella meeing me at Paragon.

121.jpg The night is winding down.

131.jpg Goodnight.

Photos from the weekend and a very cute video

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

It just seems like the days roll by…some big news for Ella – she has officially slept for 4 nights without her pacifier.  This bedtime pacifier was the last thing that Ella really had to give up.  It’s been rough.  Ella has been falling asleep much later and spending more time in our bed than I like, but it’s a transition and this too shall pass.  After she sleeps for 7 nights without her pacifier (we figure she’ll be over it by then) she will get a gumball machine.  The machine is already in the house and Ella can look at it every day, but we are waiting for that goal day and then she can put a magic penny in the machine and a surprise color gumball will come out!  This weekend we went to the SFMOMA on Saturday and then to Stern Grove on Sunday with Debby, Toby and some of their friends for a picnic and a live Roberta Flack concert.  The day was beautiful.  The 3 of us took public transportation to the concert and Ella was a fantastic trooper.  The video at the end is of Ella “reading” Green Eggs and Ham to herself.  She can’t read at all, but she’s a fantastic actress.

1sphere.jpg2sphere.jpg3sphere.jpgElla dancing around in this strange sculpture that they had on one of the terraces.  Look carefully in photo #2 and you can see mommy watching from the other side.

4colorburst.jpg I look at this and think of happiness.

5bridge.jpg6bridge.jpgElla walking on the bridge.  She is fearless. At one point she squatted down to see the people 5 floors below.

7butterflies.jpg8spiders.jpgButterflies and spiders.

9exploring.jpg Exploring…

10chillin.jpg Relaxing…

11statue.jpg The other day Ella told me that I was short and she was tall like mommy.  She is already more than half my height!

13makingawish.jpg Making a wish in front of the Jewish museum.

14picnic.jpg15cookie.jpgChillin’ with mommy and eating a co0kie at the Roberta Flack concert.

16tradedheadbands.jpg Ella let me wear her headband for a while.

17hangingout.jpg Hanging out with Debby.

16elladeb.jpg18ellatoby.jpgBeautiful shots of Ella with Debby and Toby.

18robertaflack.jpg19robertaflack.jpgRoberta Flack singing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

Now for the video…

The past few days

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Ella finished her first week of camp.  She’s been having a lot of fun.  On Friday afternoon, we both picked Ella up from school and went over to Delia’s house for a baby shower.  When we were at the ballgame with Delia and Erik the other night, Delia and Ella discussed Ella coming over and helping her feed her tarantula some crickets.  Well…Ella did exactly that on Friday afternoon.  Jamie – if you are reading this, don’t look at the video at the end of this entry…this warning goes for anyone who is afraid of spiders.  Ella didn’t touch the tarantulas or anything, but I have to say, Sunny and I were doing everything we could to not put our fear on Ella.  I was really squirming on the inside – even looking at the crickets, but Ella was a true champion.  She really loved it.  On Friday night, Stella and Juliet came over for movie night while Helen and Ron had dinner and ran some errands.  Ella had a blast with her buddies.  I haven’t gotten today’s pictures together, but Sunny, Ella and I went to the SFMOMA.  Ella loved the outdoor garden.  It’s been a really fun weekend.

1goingtoschool.jpg Ella on her way to camp the other day.

2puzzle.jpg Ella busy doing a puzzle.

4ellamelissa.jpg This is Ellen’s neice Melissa.  We had a sweet dinner with them the other night.

5bubbles.jpg Blowing bubbles at camp.

6cookies.jpg7waiting.jpgWhen we went to pick up Ella the other day, we were able to spend some time in the classroom.  The kids made cookies after lunch and they were hot out of the oven when we got there.  They were delicious.

8handsonhead.jpg Put your hands on your head if you’re ready for a cookie.

9mommy.jpgMommy wants to go to camp too.

10crickets.jpg11ellacrickets.jpgElla getting in there all ready to touch the crickets.

12ella.jpg13juliet.jpg14stella.jpgBest buddies.

Here is the movie of Ella putting crickets in the tarantula tanks and “watering” the tarantulas.

Last night at the Giant’s game

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Sunny had a Giant’s board meeting and then got us all into the luxury suite at AT&T Park.  Delia and Erik came with us and Ella had a lot of fun with them.  Ella also bumped into Lou Seal and had another great photo op.

1eldel.jpg Ella and Delia entering the stadium.  Ella is super excited!

2louhug.jpg3loupic.jpgFirst Lou Seal saw Ella and gave her a huge hug and then they posed together for this photo.

4elmommy.jpg Having a blast with mommy in the luxury suite.

5eldel.jpg Ella and Delia at the end of the night still having so much fun together.  Delia promised Ella that she could help Delia feed her pet tarantula.  Ella asked what the tarantula ate and Delia told her that it ate crickets.  Ella then asked, “They don’t chirp do they?”  Delia’s answer…”not after the tarantula eats them”.

Catching up from last week

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Here are a bunch of photos from last weekend.  We had a great trip back east – celebrated waiting for Milo to come into the world and also celebrated Sunny’s birthday.  We are back in SF now – had a dinner with the Kim/Arenas last night…Ella was dying to see her buddies!  They were beautifully reunited.  Ella started CDS camp this week.  She seems to be having a great time.

1ella.jpg Sweet Ella holding her new lip gloss.

2lej.jpg Me, Ella and Jordin hanging out at Sweetie Pie in NYC.

3ceiling.jpg Ella thought it was cool to see herself in the ceiling mirror.

4ellaaj.jpg AJ and Ella – look at those faces!

5mommyella.jpg Mommy and Ella seriously focused.

6lj.jpg7lj.jpgSisters!  I have a picture somewhere of the two of us when I was pregnant.

8helping.jpg Ella helping AJ with some baby gifts.

9lipglosskk.jpg Putting lip gloss on KK.

10bdaymommy.jpg11bdaymommy.jpgElla jumped into mommy’s arms and got so excited when we sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

12donutmommybirthday.jpg Celebrating mommy’s birthday with Dunkin Donuts.

13ajnorm.jpg “Cat nap” with a beautiful doggie.

14kiss.jpg15kiss.jpgKisses with grandma.

15gpe.jpg Papa, Ella and grandma right before we left for the airport.

Spending time with family

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

This has been a great trip.  Last night we went to a cocktail party given in Sunny’s honor by Sunny’s agent and our friend Priscilla.  It was a great party – got to catch up with a bunch of friends and meet new people.

We have spent a lot of time with AJ which has been great.  Ella is really into the pregnancy and asking a lot of questions about her cousin to be Milo.  Here is a great series of pictures of Ella and AJ (and Milo in the belly)…

2dancing.jpg1bow.jpgAJ and Ella dancing around and taking a bow.

3afirstofmilo.jpg4milo.jpg5miklo.jpgElla trying to find the different parts of Milo in AJ’s belly.

Today, we went into NY and went to the Park Ave. Armory to see this really cool exhibit. It was Ernesto Neto’s interactive sculpture, Anthropodino.  I don’t really know how to explain it, so I’ll just post a bunch of cool pictures.

9firstpicture.jpg Ella running into the exhibit.

10grandmachasing.jpg Grandma chasing Ella.

11anotherview.jpg Another view of the exhibit.

1atexhibit.jpg2exhibit.jpg3makinggrandmasmell.jpg4purple.jpg5purple.jpgAll of these photos were of Ella inside of the different tents.  The one with the red thing hanging down was filled with buckwheat.  Ella loved the way it smelled and wanted grandma to smell it too.

6ballpit.jpg7ballpit.jpg8ballpit.jpgThis was a huge ballpit.  They were smart and only let in 6 kids at a time and they timed each group to play for 3 minutes.

12walkingthestreets.jpgGrandma, Ella and AJ walking the streets after the exhibit.

ellaflowers.jpg Ella in front of the house with flowers that have bloomed since we arrived.

ballwithpapa.jpg Playing catch with papa before dinner.

withgrandmaandpapa.jpg Grandma, papa and Ella at dinner.

3ofus.jpg A picture of the 3 of us. Jamie told me that I looked mean, but at least the 3 of us are together in a picture.  Tonight we celebrated grandma and papa’s anniversary and mommy’s birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY/MOMMY.  We love you so much!

Having a great time

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Sunny and I have been really busy running around – Sunny had a radio interview yesterday which was great and I got to go to AJ’s 4-D sonogram and see the beautiful Milo as up close and personal as you can get.  Last night, Sunny and I went to see West Side Story on Broadway.  It was fantastic – and great to have a date night.  I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of Ella because grandma and papa have been hanging out with her.  All three of them have been having a blast.  Last night Ella went out with grandma and papa to celebrate their anniversary.  They said that Ella was having so much fun.  Here are 2 pictures from yesterday.

zingo.jpgElla, grandma and mommy playing Zingo.  Ella won!

ella.jpgSweet Ella.

In New Jersey

Monday, June 8th, 2009

We arrived yesterday.  I am very tired right now but I have some pictures to post.  So far we’re having a great time.  Ella has spent a lot of time finding new fun things around the house to play with.  Today I took Sunny to Penn Station and spent the day with AJ in NY.  Ella and grandma went to the park and then to the town pool.  Late afternoon, we hung out with grandma, papa and AJ outside.  During my time in NY, AJ and I went to see KK who is doing so well after her knee surgery.  KK sent me home with a black leotard/tutu combo for Ella and a coral necklace.   When I came and gave it to Ella, she put it all on immediately.  Thank you KK…another perfect gift.  Sunny is in Annapolis doing a key note at a conference.  We love you and miss you!  See you tonight.

12.jpg22.jpgElla in her new crazy outfit that grandma got her playing with her new “treasure chest”.

32.jpg42.jpgElla in her new ballet outfit and necklace.

52.jpg61.jpg61.jpgElla got to spend some great time with AJ and Normyn.

Last day of school

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Ella made it through her first year of pre-school!  It has been an amazing experience for all of us and we are looking forward to the next school year.  For now…we will all enjoy the summer.  We will be back east for a week and we can’t wait.

11.jpg21.jpg31.jpgElla’s last day of school.  She has really grown up!

41.jpg51.jpgElla on her first day of school!  Where has the time gone?