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Fun Saturday

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Today I took Ella to El Cerrito  to go to Chloe’s birthday party.  It was a really sweet party at a park and there were family and friends there.  Ella didn’t now any of the other kids and was pretty shy, but she did a great job.  She’s growing up.  After the party, we came home and then we had dinner at Nama with Ellen.  Ella told me that she loves the weekends because we play with her all day long.

1blowingbubbles.jpg1morebubbles.jpg1chasingbubbles.jpgBubbles were the source of lots of happiness and fun.

1serious.jpg The serious side of Ella.

1withchloe.jpg 1chloeoskar.jpgElla with Chloe (and Oskar in the background).

1smile.jpg About to go to dinner.

1concentrating.jpg Concentrating on eating edamame.

So happy its the weekend

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

The weekend is finally here!  Hopefully we’ll be able to sleep in.  Ella had a great week.  Today after school, Sunny and Ella and 2 of her classmates and their moms went to see “Up”…a new Disney Pixar movie.  Sunny said that Ella was so excited to be at the movies with her friends that she was squealing.  Both Sunny and Ella reported that the kids had a great time.  Ella told me that she wants to get “Up” on DVD.  Ella is also really into Cinderella.  She loves the old movie with Leslie Ann Warren.  Sunny introduced this version of Cinderella to Ella because it’s the version that Sunny grew up on.  Sunny used to listen to Cinderella for hours and hours with her big sister Cindy.  Tonight, Ella gave a shout out Aunt Cindy and sang “A Lovely Night”.  The really sweet song is at the end of this entry.

Here are some pictures of Ella from the past few days.

ellabrickellewalking.jpg Ella and Brickelle leaving school.

ellacrossing.jpg Crossing the street holding hands.

ellahanging.jpg Hanging on the railing.  Ella likes doing tricks here.

ellacoocoo.jpg Crazy Ella.

ellaconcentration.jpg Ella concentrating really hard.

ellasand.jpgPlaying with here mini sand box.

ellaeyeball.jpg Playing catch with a squishy eye ball.

One last birthday celebration

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Tonight we had dinner with Becca and Ellen to celebrate Ellen’s 50th birthday (actually today) and my birthday.  We went to Houston’s and we had a really sweet dinner.  Ella was stuck on Becca for most of the night and even whispered to Sunny at one point that she wanted Becca to take her to the bathroom.  This has not happened before.  Lucky Becca – good thing Ella didn’t poop.

abuddies.jpg Becca and Ella fooling around and having the best time together.

abeccaella.jpg Best buddies – Ella looks like such a big girl.  Pretty soon they’ll be going out for Cosmos together.

agumchewer.jpg Our crazy little gum chewer.

aellaellen.jpg Ella and Ellen at the end of the night.  Ella really had a lot of fun.

ahiding.jpg One last shot of the night in the hallway.


Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Today was a great day.  First we had a sweet brunch with one of Ella’s classmates and his family and then we all went over to the ballpark for the Giants vs. Braves Memorial day game.  Ella had a great time, we had a great time and a fly ball (foul) came directly into our section and Sunny would have caught it if she wasn’t protecting Ella, but the ball landed right under Sunny’s seat and she snagged her first foul ball.  She announced to the crowd, “I have been waiting 50 years for this – I am serious!”  It was a fantastic moment.

1brunch.jpg Ella having brunch at our house with her buddies Eli and Harry.

2hallway.jpg Ella was cracking Ella up.

4biggirl.jpg Look at our big girl.  We were able to convince her that she shouldn’t wear her Belle dress to the ballpark.

3sillysnoopy.jpg 3 goofballs with Snoopy.

5ballgame.jpg The kids had a blast and so did we.

6foulball.jpg Ella wanted to pose with Sunny’s foul ball.

7foulball.jpg Here’s the ball and a very happy mommy.


Monday, May 25th, 2009

Tonight we had dinner with my cousin Robbie, her husband Aaron, their 2 girls Izze and India and their parents – my Aunt Abigail and Uncle Ray.  We had a really fun dinner at Scomas.  Ella and Izze had met once before, but really hit it off tonight.  Here are a few shots.

cousins1.jpgcousins2.jpgcousins4.jpgElla and Izze really loving each other and hanging out with each other.  Ella had so much fun with Izze.

cousins3.jpg Here is beautiful child #2 for Robbie and Aaron…India is such a sweet beatiful baby.

Friday night and the Leaping Lizards Assembly

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Here are some pictures from last night.  At the end of this post is the video of Ella’s class singing their Spanish song.  The whole thing is almost 3 minutes long, but if you have the time, it’s worth watching.  Hope everyone is having a great long weekend.

2assembly.jpg3mostofclass.jpgHere are 2 photos from the assembly.  Just a little preview…

7ellajuliet.jpg8ellajuliet.jpg9shabbatcandles.jpgElla and Juliet have been so sweet together lately.  Here are the two of them lighting the shabbat candles.

10stella.jpg Stella checking out the whole candle thing.

11magicmommy.jpg12moremagic.jpgHere is Sunny doing magic for all of us.  Sunny the magician has a huge fan base on King Street.

5helen.jpg I think this is a great picture of Helen…she has that special glow.

6ringaround.jpg I’m not sure if this is “Ring Around The Rosie” or Ron playing the prince for our little ballerina princesses.

1bananapudding.jpg Here I am about to take a big bite of the delicious banana pudding that Helen made.

4cake.jpg My gorgeous and delicious birthday cake.

Thanks for all the love!

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

I have a lot to say and a lot of pictures and movies to post but I haven’t downloaded any pictures and it’s super late.  Today was a beautiful day.  We started the day off at Ella’s school watching a Leaping Lizard (Ella’s class)  hosted assembly.  Ella’s class did one in the beginning of the year and Ella cried during the entire song that they performed.  This time, Ella was her usual crazy charming self.  She just did her own thing and was having the time of her life.  I will post it tomorrow because it’s worth seeing.  After the assembly, we went back to the classroom to watch a slide show that Alicia put together of a special project that the class has been working on and then just a photographic overview of the year.  It was really sweet and we just can’t believe that Ella is about to finish her first year of preschool!  After the presentation, Sunny and I went to the Nob Hill Spa and had massages and lunch.  It was really wonderful and such a sweet “break” from every day life.  Tonight, Sunny made a delicious dinner and an amazing cake and Helen made this incredible banana pudding and we had a really fun night with Helen, Ron, Stella, Juliet and our friends Kate and Jen.  We ate, laughed, ate more, the girls did some beautiful ballet dancing for us and then we watched Wall-E.  The reason Sunny and I are up so late is because we were playing a new Wii game that Sunny got me for my birthday.  We were singing American Idol Karaoke…oy.  It was a beautiful day and night and it was great hearing from so many people.  Now I would like to share a video that Sunny and Ella made for me.  This is Sunny’s first movie and I think she did an amazing job.  Thank you Sunny.  I love you.

Another week gone by…

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Things have just been really busy and I haven’t had time to do a post.  Here are some pictures from this past week.  Ella has been doing really well.  She’s so sweet and spunky and full of life.

1straw.jpg Ella having a milkshake on Monday night.

34.jpg Here’s our little beauty.

7watchingnemo.jpg4fishpose.jpgI took these pictures of Ella while she was watching Nemo the other night.  Notice the fish pose.

5handprint.jpg Check out the “E”.  Check out the multiple lines.

8icecream.jpg Ice cream after school today.

Here’s a little movie of Ella singing “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty.

Ladybugs, friends and baseball

Monday, May 18th, 2009

We had a great day today.  In the early afternoon, we went to the park behind the ballpark with our T-ball thing.  Ella was more interested in catching ladybugs than playing ball so Ella went ladybug hunting and Sunny and I played ball.

1ladybug.jpg2ladybug.jpg3ladybug.jpgElla loves ladybugs.

After our ladybug hunt, we had lunch at Maria’s and then we met the Kim/Arenas across the street at a pool in Helen’s brother’s apartment complex.  We swam for about an hour and had a lot of fun.  After swimming, we went over to the game to get our Tim Lincecum bobblehead.  Once we collected our bobbleheads we dropped them off at home, gave Ella a bath and headed over to the game.  The Giants finally beat the Mets tonight.  It was a great game.

4juliet.jpg Juliet after swimming.

5ella.jpg Ella after swimming.

6amy.jpg Presenting Amy with a thank you card from the Leaping Lizards.

7gameoutfit.jpg Ella’s game outfit…lip gloss and all.

8charliebrown.jpg Another picture of Ella and Charlie Brown.

9pablo.jpg Ella and our neighbor Pablo Sandoval.

10ellapic.jpg Ella took this unflattering picture of me.

11mamaella.jpg12mommyella.jpg13fourofus.jpgSome sweet fun and happiness shots.

14ellaleoluke.jpg Ella, her classmate Leo and Leo’s brother Luke.

15ellaleo.jpg Ella and Leo.  Ella had a great time with Leo.  She was so excited when they came down to sit with us.

Friday and Saturday

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Well…I have a lot of pictures.  Once again, we have been pretty busy.  On Friday afternoon, we went to the Herbst Theater to watch Stella in a ballet recital.  Stella was wonderful and Ella was just so excited and happy and in awe.  After the recital, we came home and Ella immediately wanted to change into her ballet stuff.  She announced that she was Stella.  She asked me who I wanted to be and I said, “Ella”.  She then told Sunny that she was Mrs. Tilly – Stella’s ballet teacher.  Ella danced all around the house.  It was really sweet.

33.jpg Stella right after she came off the stage.  Ella gave her those flowers.

43.jpg Ella right after the recital outside of City Hall.

53.jpg63.jpgOur beautiful ballerina.

73.jpg82.jpg91.jpgLighting the shabbat candles.

After dinner, we watched Wall-E (again) for movie night.

This morning, I had some things to do, and Sunny took Ella with her to collect money for the Junior Giants.  They had their annual glove drive and Sunny and Ella hit the streets around the stadium to collect donations of money or baseball gloves.  I met up with them and was able to witness the sweetness of the 2 of them.   Sunny was yelling out things like, “Donate money or a glove to help the Junior Giants play baseball” and Ella would repeat the same exact thing.  It was so cute.  After a few hours, we went and had lunch and then Sunny and Ella went to the game and I went to do some errands.

131.jpg Ella in the morning wearing her money collecting  apron.

141.jpg The new hat that Sunny bought Ella.

151.jpg Looking cute as ever in her new hat.

102.jpg121.jpg111.jpgElla taking a fundraising break to climb on a police barrier.

After all of the baseball stuff, we went swimming with the Kim/Arenas and ended the evening at Los Jarritos for some delicious Mexican food.

161.jpg Ella and Stella at the jukebox.