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Officer Amy visits Children’s Day School

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Today our friend Amy visited Ella’s class with her partner Officer Dagget.  A while back in Ella’s class, the kids were playing around and Ella said that she was going to be a firefighter and one of the boys said that girls couldn’t be firefighters.  One of the boys in the class actually has a mom and dad who are firefighters, but this obviously didn’t make a lasting impression.  Ella came home and told us that she couldn’t be a firefighter because she was a girl and we had a really good talk about it.  We let her know that girls and boys can do whatever they want to do as long as they work hard at it.  This conversation gave us the idea to have Amy come into Ella’s class to show the example of a woman being a police officer.  They did a great job with the class and the class really loved the presentation.  Ella was pretty good – a little spacy but fine.  When it was time to go outside and check out the police car, Ella became very sad and told us that she wanted us to stay with her.  She wouldn’t go and check out the police car and she wouldn’t take a picture with Amy and Ariana.  Sometimes it’s too much for her when we’re in the classroom.  All in all, the visit was really successful and the Leaping Lizards thank you Officer Amy and Officer Ariana.

cds1.jpg Officer Ariana and Officer Amy walking into the school armed with coloring books, stickers, tattoos and pencils.

cds2.jpg Leaping Lizard circle time listening to Officer Amy.

cds3.jpg Ella actually having a good moment out by the car.

cds4.jpg Officer Amy and Officer Ariana after the presentation.  They made it!  Preschoolers can be exhausting.

Ella is taking charge…

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

In the past week, Ella has made 2 decisions on her own.  The first one is that she decided that she doesn’t need a night time diaper anymore.  One night, she simply said, “I can sleep in my underwear, I don’t need a diaper” and that was it.  So far, no accidents.  Her other decision was about her pacifiers.  On Sunday night, she took a handful of pacifiers, walked to her bathroom, opened the garbage can and threw them away.  “I am a big girl, I don’t need my binkies anymore”.  Well…that was a really great idea and she is working on it, but Ella had trouble falling asleep and woke up in the middle of the night for 2 nights.  Tonight, I gave her a pacifier to fall asleep because we all need some sleep.  Ella told me that the binky fairy needs to come soon to take the last binky away.  Maybe we’ll try it on the weekend.  It’s so amazing that Ella feels confident enough to make her own life choices.  We love it.

1shoulders.jpg This picture is from last week when the weather was beautiful.  We were out with the Kim/Arenas and stopped by the ballgame.  Sunny and Ella went into the free area and watched a few batters.

secretstairwell.jpg Ella calls the steps in our building the secret stairwell and sometimes likes to take it in the morning on the way to school.

mon1.jpg Ella in one of her crazy getups onour way out to dinner.


mon3.jpg Fun with chopsticks at Nama.

Just want to give a happy birthday shout out to Nikki B.  Happy Birthday!   Hope you have a beautiful day.

Another Sunday party

Monday, April 27th, 2009

We have had quite a fun and busy weekend.  Today, I took Ella to Fiona’s birthday party.  Fiona is one of Ella’s classmate.  The party was great…a lot of kids running around and having a blast.

sun1.jpg Ella and some of her buddies from school.  That’s Ella, Tegan, Brickelle, Fiona and Sammy.

sun2.jpg Ella waiting her turn next to the birthday girl to play pin the tail on the fairy.

sun3.jpg Afterthe party, we met Kate, Jen and Karen for brunch.  Ella loved hanging out with the girls.

sun4.jpg Sunny and Ella brushing their doggies.

An incedible happy day and night for Ella.

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Today, Helen and I went out to the Puma outlet and Sunny had to do some work so Ron watched all 3 girls.  He did what every great dad would do – he inflated the bouncy house!


He also had the kids playing with special Tinkerbell glitter glue and of course let them dress up in their favorite princess outfits.

4drawing1.jpg 5bestfriends.jpg


Does this look incredible or what?

At night, Sunny and I went to a party hosted by 2 parents from Ella’s class and Helen and Ron let Ella be their third child for the night.  Ella was so happy to be able to spend such quality time with the Kim/Arena’s.  Thank you so much you guys – you are the greatest.  After a wonderful dinner, they all watched Wall-E.  Ella was the first to fall asleep during the movie.


Beautiful balmy SF night

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

It was about 80º tonight – very rare for San Francisco.  We had dinner behind the ballpark at the Java House and then met Stella, Juliet, Helen and Ron for some ice cream.  It was a great night and the Giants won!

1buddies.jpg Beautiful friends out for a stroll.

2icecreamparty.jpg The girls having an ice cream party.

3hair.jpg If you couldn’t tell…Ella loves to jump!

4stadium.jpg Beautiful ballpark, beautiful night.

Happy Birthday Uncle Michael

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Yesterday (I am actually writing this on Tuesday, Michael’s birthday) was Michael’s birthday and I wanted to post a video message from Ella.  Happy birthday Michael.  We love you!

Busy, beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

This is going to be another entry full of pictures.  This weekend, we hung out in Noe Valley, went to a picnic at CDS, went to a birthday party, took one of Ella’s buddies to a baseball game, played in the park by our house and ended the weekend out to dinner with Debby and Toby.  Today Ella had school and then we had some dinner with Amy.  Ella is doing so well.  At the birthday party, she ditched me to go and play games with her classmates.  She participated and had a blast.  At the game, she sat with Brickelle in their own row.  At the end of the game, another classmate, Leo and his brother came down to sit with us.  Ella ended up on Leo’s lap.  It’s so great to see her go into the next stage of socialization.  Here are some great pictures.

1peacockshirt.jpg Ella in her peacock shirt.  We did drive all the way to the zoo but Ella was sleeping by the time we got there and the fog was very thick.

2drawing.jpg3drawing.jpg4drawing.jpgBeautiful child concentrating on coloring.

5brickelle.jpg6starface.jpgElla and Brickelle after their faces were painted at Eli’s birthday party.

7party.jpgElla doing dramatic exercices.

8ella.jpg Taking it all in.

9accordian.jpg Playing the accordian.

10readyforgame.jpg11walkingintogame.jpgGetting ready to go to the game.

12snoopy.jpg14crazycrab.jpg15funnyface.jpgPosing with all of the fun things in the AAA club level.

13hotdog.jpg16ellahat.jpg17brickellehat.jpg18watching.jpg19shades.jpg20ellaleo.jpgDoes this look like a fun day or what?!

21renelandgirls.jpg Brickelle, Renel and Ella.  Renel is the announcer for a the Giants and a good friend of Sunny’s.  The girls got a special treat after the game and were able to hang out with Renel.

22jumping.jpg23jumping.jpgWhat a jumper!

24goingtoschool.jpg Going to school today.  It was 93º.  Ella got to wear a sundress and no jacket.

25running.jpg Running down the hallway.

26ellaamy.jpg Meeting Amy for dinner.

27elladrawing.jpg Drawing at Pasta Pomodoro.

Ella – you’re a star

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Here is a little video of Ella during the past few days doing some physical stuff.  She is too cute.

Thursday and Friday

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

We’re all back in the swing of things.  None of us really had jet lag.  Ella is such a trooper.  The weather has becoming warmer and warmer every day and Ella loves to stick around when school gets out and play on the structure and swing on the swings.  I have taken quite a few pictures and some video of Ella over the past few days.  The video will be up in the next day or so.

a1.jpg Ella singing one of her Cinderella songs before dinner.

c.jpg Running around in the hallway.

d.jpge.jpgElla’s new way of swinging/flying.  She pretends she’s Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery service.

stel3.jpg I spent 3 hours this morning being Stella’s special friend at her school.  We had a great time together.  We blew bubbles, made play dough muffins, made origami balloons, listened to music, and ate a great home made lunch.  Stella was wonderful and included me in everything.  Her teachers were really sweet too.  I had a lot of fun with Stella this morning.

fri11.jpg Ella/Kiki doing that special thing on the swings.

fri2.jpgfri3.jpgfri4.jpgfri5.jpgElla is trying out a new sport – hula hoop.

fri7.jpg Wehad a great dinner tonight with our friends Candace and Courtney.

fri8.jpgfri9.jpgfri10.jpgfri111.jpgLots of jumping in the lobby in a tutu.

Part 3 of our trip to NJ

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I am finally catching up on things here.  Here is the last batch of photos from NJ.  We all had such a great time and are looking forward to our trip in June.

112.jpg Ella slept until 11:00am on this day!  What an angel.

210.jpg Check out Ella’s new shoes.

35.jpg Ella and her buddy Emma.  Emma is my childhood friend Cheryl’s daughter.  She was amazing with Ella and Ella had a blast with Emma and…

43.jpg Emma’s brother James.  Ella had a great lunch and shopping adventure with Emma and James.  Really sweet kids.

52.jpg Back at Fireman’s Park

62.jpg Trying to get the ball into the basket.

72.jpg Bouncing on the rocket ship.

83.jpg Ella’s buddy Hudson who is the son of a childhood friend of mine and the grandson of a childhood friend of my mom and dad.

93.jpg Hudson with his sister Stella and brother Gibson.  Ella loved playing with the 3 of them.  It’s cool to watch older kids play younger ones.

102.jpg Ella following Hudson across the balance beam.

113.jpg Ella’s new buddy Stella who is Hudson’s big sister.

122.jpg132.jpgHugs and fun with twins Stella and Gibson.

142.jpg152.jpg163.jpgLots of love and laughs with grandma and papa.