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Little Ms. Curly Hair

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Tonight, we went over to hang out with Stella and Juliet for a little while and we got to see Emily who was in town for the night.  She brought her new puppy with her.  Mar, the puppy, was really cute.  Here is a picture of Juliet and Mar.


Ella had a great day at school and we had a fun night.  We took a walk over to the Burger Joint and had some dinner.   Ella was really fun and happy but kind of tired and spacey at the same time.  Here are some pictures of Ella.

spacedout.jpg A little spaced out at Helen and Ron’s house.

surprise.jpg Surprise!  Hiding around the corner.

onthestreet.jpg Our big girl walking to the Burger Joint.

Giant’s fan fest

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Today, we took Ella across the street to the Fan Fest.  Sunny was working a Giant’s Community Fund booth, so Ella and I walked around the park and checked things out.  We had a great day – a lot of fun and Ella helped Sunny out in the booth, getting people to buy “mystery bags”.  Yesterday, Ella didn’t have school so I took her over to ACC (Animal Care and Control) to visit Becca.  I took a bunch of movies – will put something together.  Ella met rabbits, kittens, puppies and wanted to play with some rats but we didn’t let her.

growingup.jpgOur little Ella is growing up.

mamaella.jpg Here we are at the fan fest wearing our orange sweatshirts.  Ella made sure that we found the cotton candy.

mommyella.jpg Sitting on mommy’s shoulders getting people to buy the mystery grab bags.

charlie1.jpgcharlie2.jpgReunited with her buddy Charlie Brown.

snoopy.jpg Posing with Snoopy.

tim.jpgrandy.jpg“Hanging out” with Tim Lincecum and Randy Winn.

playingaround.jpg Resting after a long walk around the ballpark.

The Princess goes to Happy Donuts

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Ella has really been into coming home from school and putting on her princess dresses.  Today, after school, Ella put on her pink princess dress.  We took a little walk in the neighborhood and then she told me that she wanted to go to Happy Donuts.  Happy Donuts is this place that’s open 24 hours, serves donuts and fried chicken, and has a lot of homeless people who love to do their fine dining there.  Ella insisted that we have our donuts at Happy Donuts so I had to take a picture because it was too much!

countinenglish.jpg Ella’s job for the day…counting in English.

ellatate.jpg Ella and her buddy Tate having fun before circle time.

happydonuts.jpg The princess eating at Happy Donuts.

princessadidas.jpg New orange sneakers – getting ready for baseball season.

listeningtopopcorn.jpg Listening to mommy make popcorn.

Ella is getting ready for baseball season

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

No words can describe this…

3 great photos

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Ella has been in a great mood lately.  She loves to play games and act goofy.  She also is so comfortable and familiar with most of the restaurants that we go to in SF that she makes herself right at home.  Ella is continuing to take her peacock to school with her.  She usually holds it in one hand and tries to do whatever else she’s doing with the other.  Today, Alicia put the peacock in Ella’s hair and Ella just loved it.  Great idea Alicia!

hiding.jpg Here is Ella hiding from us in the hallway.

fish.jpg Hanging out with the fish at Eliza’s on 18th Street.

peacockhair.jpg Ella after school.  Ella came home from school and quickly changed into the tinkerbell nightgown that Helen gave her.  Ella is quite attached to it.  Notice the peacock in her hair.

Beach, bubbles, icecream and princess

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

On Saturday, I volunteered at Ella’s school and Ron, Helen, Sunny and the girls went to Crissy Field to the beach.  The weather has been incredible.  Not only did Ella play and run on the sand, she lied down in the sand and made sand angels.  After the beach, I met up with everyone and we had some ice cream and ran around in the grass.  Yesterday, Sunny and I went to a funeral in the early afternoon and then came home and took a walk with Ella who was dressed as a princess.  She was so happy to be outside running around.  She also said that she was excited for baseball season!

makingbubbles.jpgVery serious about making bubbles.

bubblesisters.jpg The bubble sisters.

sandangel1.jpgsandangel2.jpgsandangels.jpgLook at all the sand angels!

icecream.jpg Yummy ice cream

love.jpg True Love

runningprincess.jpg Princess on the run.

louseal1.jpglouseal2.jpgRiding on Lou Seal.