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Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Ella and her friend Brickelle have this really cute ritual on days after school when we walk off the school grounds.  The girls run ahead of us and they pretend to hide.  They hide behind a leaf or a pole…they know that we can see them, but they love it when we call their names really loud and say, “Ella – Brickelle – where are you?  Did we leave you at school?”  Then they jump out of their “hiding” spot and laugh.  Here are some pictures of the ritual.

pole.jpg This is the pole that they “hide” behind.

hiding1.jpg A little hiding action.

anotherhidingspot.jpg Another hiding spot.

balancebeam.jpg Ella walking on her “balance beam”.  She has a beautiful imagination.

The rain

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

It’s been raining and raining here.  Ella doesn’t seem to mind it.  She loves putting on her rain boots and rain coat.  The rain also makes her hair super curly.

umbrella.jpg Getting ready to go to a party.

curls.jpg Curly, curly hair.

Discovery museum and a playdate with Kaliko

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Ella the day off on Friday and so did I.  We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum together and had a great time.  Today, we had a playdate with one of the kids from Ella’s class.  Sunny picked him up and we had the kids play at the park, eat lunch at the Java House and then do some playing out our house.  Ella had a lot of fun with Kaliko.  Here are a lot of pictures from the past few days.

ladybug.jpgladybughand.jpgWe have been finding a lot of ladybugs in our Zen garden lately.  Ella loves having them crawl around on her hand.

beebench.jpg Ella at the Discovery museum. She loves the bee costume that they have there.

lizard.jpg Leaping lizard!


steeringship.jpg Ella walking onto a ship and then taking the wheel.  She said that she was taking the boat to “Tahoe”.  I’m not sure where she picked that one up.

ggbridge.jpg Ella humoring me and posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

cave.jpg What a big girl!

constructionsite.jpghardhat.jpgMaybe a job in construction is in her future.  She looks really cute in the hard hat.

bluebath.jpgloveswater.jpgElla loves playing in the water.

schleppingcart.jpg Schlepping the shopping cart down the hallway on the way to dinner.

drum1.jpgdrum2.jpgElla rockin’ out on her drums.  She has great rhythm.

ellakaliko.jpg Ella and her buddy Kaliko on top of the world.

walkingonwall.jpg Beautiful barefoot Ella is walking the wall.

waitingforbubbles.jpg Ella and Kaliko are waiting for me to blow bubbles.  They were running around, pushing eachother, chasing – it was great to see Ella being able to hold her own.

princesshooker.jpg A combination of a princess and a lady of the night.

Ella and Juliet

Friday, February 20th, 2009

When the girls are getting along, they are so sweet and beautiful to watch.  Here’s a little bit of their love at Los Jarritos tonight.



Painting and yoga

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Some more pictures from over the weekend.  As I said, Ella was pretty cooped up in the house, but we kept her busy with lots of activities.  She really likes doing yoga with the Wii Fit.  I stand on the Wii and Ella stands next to me and does the same poses.  It’s great for us!

concentrating.jpg Ella concentrating on her water color painting.

yoga1.jpgyoga2.jpgElla doing the warrior pose.

necklace.jpg Pure happiness.  Ella discovered the necklace that KK gave her for her 1st birthday and just loves it!

The Ferry Building

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

It has been raining a lot here – we need the rain so it’s fine, but we thought that Ella was getting stir crazy.  We have been keeping her in these past few days to help her recover from a really bad cold.  Today, the sun came out for a little while so we went over to the Ferry Building to have some lunch.  Ella was wearing a Hello Kitty leotard/tutu around the house today and didn’t want to take it off to leave the house.  It was really cold out so she agreed to wear a sweater, jacket and some warm pants but kept her tutu on.  When we got to lunch, she wanted to take her sweater and jacket off and ate lunch in her leotard/tutu combo.  She is a very headstrong child.  She compromised by keeping her hat on.

happychild.jpg Ella with her warm outfit on running for the elevator.

waitingfortrain.jpg Waiting for the train.

ferrybuilding.jpg Crazy girl at the Ferry Building.  Nice outfit!

eyes.jpg Beautiful eyes.

Dancing with a Valentines Day card

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Tonight, we opened the door to take the dogs out and there was a card with 3 chocolate hearts at the door.  It was a Valentine’s Day card from Stella and Juliet for Ella.  Thank you so much for the beautiful card you guys!  Ella loved it.  You will see in a moment on the video that she loved it so much that she danced with it!

biggirl.jpg This picture is from the other day after school.  I just can’t believe  how big Ella looks here!

toomuch.jpg On the way out to breakfast this morning.  She’s too cute.

pushingg.jpg Ella is getting so tall – she can push the G button on the elevator.

Now for a very sweet video…

A sweet conversation with a very funny ending

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Just watch this video with your volume turned up…

Peacock shirt

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Today when I brought Ella home from school we checked the mail and there was a small package for Ella.  We opened it up and it was a beautiful peacock shirt from AJ and uncle Michael.  Ella had a huge smile on her face as she checked it out and said, “Can I wear it right now?”  How could I say no?  Thank you AJ and Uncle Michael.  We love you guys.


Settling into class

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Today Ella went into the classroom, took out a puzzle, sat down and started doing it with the other kids.  It was great to see Ella playing with the other kids and learning to figure things out together.

hallway.jpg In the hallway on the way to school this morning.

puzzle.jpg Doing puzzles with Samantha C and Tate.

circletime.jpg More than ready for circle time.