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Ella’s smiles

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

No fake smiles in these shots!  Ella has had a pretty bad cold and cough all week but her spirits have been amazing considering.  Here are some pictures from last night and today.  The weather was incredible and Ella was actually outside in a sundress.

smile1.jpgsmile2.jpgThose eyes say everything.

hugesmile.jpg This is a happy kid.

walking1.jpg Walking with mommy and Towby.  The walk was too long for Bug.

callingtowby.jpggoodboy.jpgCalling Towby…good boy!

ellashadow.jpgshadow1.jpgElla playing with her shadow.

checkingthingsout.jpg Checking out some hallway construction with Stella.

Another amazing reading

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Sunny did a reading at Book Passage in Marin on Thursday night.  It was a fantastic reading – at least 40 people showed up and the Q & A was incredible.  Time for some TV shows!   Sunny – you are amazing.


A little change in routine

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

We dropped Ella off at school on Monday and found out that there was a lice case in the classroom.  This meant that Alicia had to check each kid’s head before they settled into the class.  It really threw Ella for a loop and she was not happy about it.  We left the class on Monday and Ella was in tears.  Today, I took her to school and there was another head check and this time, Ella was totally cool about it.  She brought this peacock to school with her that grandma and papa gave her and first Alicia checked the peacock for lice and then checked Ella and Ella didn’t cry at all.

stripes.jpg Love those stripes…Ella picked this outfit out all by herself.

circletime.jpg Circle time.

tea.jpg Ella enjoying a cup of tea at Nama tonight.

Grandma and papa are back!

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Grandma and papa came in on Wednesday night.  We were all so happy to see them and Ella was so thrilled and even a little shy.  We have been having a lot of fun.  Today we went to the Academy of Science.  This trip was more successful than the last 2 times we have attempted to go.  We were able to go into the tropical rain forest and see the butterflies and to the aquarium to see the beautiful fish.  We are already trying to plan for the next time we can all be together again.  Possibly a weekend in San Diego.  We love you grandma and papa.

leavingschool.jpg On Thursday, grandma and papa came with me to pick Ella up from school.  It was raining a little bit.  Here are papa and Ella leaving school grounds.  Ella is all rain geared up!

grandmaellapapa1.jpg Here are the 3 beauties after a great lunch at the Nordstrom Bistro.

intherain.jpg Ella and grandma in the rain.

thetower.jpg Ella the dragon trying to blow down the tower that she built with grandma.

shark.jpg Ella checking out a shark through the glass floor at the Academy.

butterfly.jpg Trying to get her hands on that butterfly.

lookingforgopher.jpg Ella, grandma and papa looking for a gopher.  Last time we were walking back from the Academy, a little gopher popped his head out.  This time, Ella was singing a gopher song to the tune of Frere Jacques.  Guess what happened…

foundit.jpg We got gopher!

papaella.jpg Papa and Ella enjoying the gopher.

ordering.jpg Ella ordering dinner at Acme tonight.

acmewitihgrandma.jpg Playing at the table with grandma.

Sunny’s book readings

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

We have been pretty busy over the past few days.  Sunny did her big book reading on Thursday at the public library here in SF.  Sunny was incredible, the house was packed and it will be aired on C-SPAN in a few weeks.  Last night, Sunny did a reading in Berkeley and it was also amazing.  On Thursday, there were 100 books at the event to be sold, and they sold out before the event ended!  Here are a few pictures from the reading.

ssreading.jpgsslibrary2.jpgpanel.jpgHere’s Sunny reading and then the panel after the reading.  It was all incredible.

berkeleyreading.jpg Here is Sunny on Friday night in Berkeley.

davidandsunny.jpg Sunny and her co-author David answering questions after the reading.

The Oakland Zoo and a bye bye song for Bush

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Yesterday it was another beautiful day here so the 3 of us decided to go to the Oakland Zoo.  It’s a sweet zoo that also has a fun train and some little kid rides.  We all had a lot of fun.  This morning, we woke up, went into the room with the big TV, ate donuts and watched the inauguration.  Ella was great – she hung in there for most of it.  She sang a bye bye song for Bush and of course I captured it.  A little bit later on, she said, “Mama, the Obama show is making me tired”.  I guess she knows when she has had enough!

brushingteeth.jpg Here we are brushing our teeth the other day.

headgrab.jpg Ella is so excited about what she is seeing that she gives mommy’s head an extra grab.

lookatthemonkey.jpgchimp.jpgMommy and Ella were looking at this magnificant chimp.

fun.jpgfiretruck.jpgElla had a blast on this ride.

carousel.jpg Ella still loves a great carousel ride.  She went on a tiger and I went on the rhino next to it.

ourlittlemonkey.jpgwhitefacegibbon.jpgMommy and Ella checking out the white handed gibbon.

hippomouth.jpg Playing in the hippo mouth.

happiness1.jpg Happiness!

passedout.jpg Passed out in the car on the way home.

and here’s a bye bye song for Bush…

Another book review

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Ella had so much fun recommending Sunny’s book that she wanted to review some books that she likes.  Ella has a book of fairy tales that she loves.  She decided that she wanted to talk about “Beauty and the Beast”, “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “The Nightingale”.

A beautiful walk to the Ferry Building

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

It was a little cooler today, but it was still beautiful.  We were trying to figure out what to do for lunch and Ella said, “Let’s take a walk to the Ferry Building and have lunch there”.  What a great idea.  We had a nice walk, bumped into Helen, Ron and the girls and had some fun playing around and then we had lunch and visited with Phyllis, Richard, Lisa and some other friends who are regulars at the Ferry Building.  It was a beautiful day.

walking.jpg Walking down the block.

waitingfortrain.jpg Waiting for the train and playing a game.

sej1.jpgsej2.jpgThe girls did this all by themselves.  How cute are they!  What amazing friends.

ferrybldg.jpg Playing around upstairs at the Ferry Building.

behindmyback.jpg Doing the old behind the back pick up!

I don’t mean to rub it in, but the weather here has been amazing.

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Sunny had her first book reading last night.  It was in Santa Cruz.  Sunny did an amazing job and I am really excited for the big reading at the public library on Thursday.  Here is the sign in front of the book store from last night.bookreading.jpgI guess they couldn’t take a look at the book cover to figure out how to spell her last name!

Here are some pictures from today that I took of Ella.

thismorning1.jpg Ella is so happy going to school!

afterschool1.jpg Happy Ella after school chewing gum and holding a handful of quarters…another potty technique.  Ella has been pulling some potty “power trip” stuff.  The money seems to do the trick.  She is saving up for a giant panda stuffed animal.

balancing.jpg Balancing on the curb.

elandbrickelle.jpg Ella and her buddy Brickelle.

popsicle.jpg It was so warm out today that we went for ice cream and popsicles after school.

toychest.jpg Here is the toy chest that Ella and I built together.  I couldn’t get a good shot of the shelf thing downstairs.

Video of Ella’s third birthday

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I am finally posting this video.  I just need to say that the music was chosen by Ella.  I showed her the video without music and then she said that she wanted the “Hello Song” in the beginning and the “Goodbye Song” at the end.  Ella had a vision and we made it come to life!