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Family share day

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Today we went to Ella’s class in the morning for family share.  Each family has the opportunity to come in and do an activity with the class on a Monday morning.  We chose this morning to teach the kids about Chanukah.  Before we did our thing, we were able to watch the morning meeting in the Leaping Lizards class.  It was so fantastic to see the kids interact with each other and with the teachers and to watch some of the kids do their class “jobs”.  At the end of the meeting, the kids were able to share something with the group.  It was just really sweet and of course it was so great to see Ella as part of the group.  She participated, didn’t freak out that we were there and she listened to Alicia.

The weather was pretty crappy this morning – it rained really early but by the time we left, the rain was finished.  Ella knew that it had rained so she decided that she was going to wear her raincoat, frog boots and carry her Elmo umbrella.  We just got a kick out of watching this sweet kid walk down a virtually sunny street with her rain gear on.  We got into the classroom and Ella would not take off her raincoat.  I think  she may have even napped in her raincoat.  I’ll have to check with Alicia.  The morning activities were lots of fun.  We told the story of Chanukah, showed the menorah, ate latkes and brought in dreidles and played the dreidel game.  We also sang the dreidel song.  Ella is with a great group of kids.

After school, I went out to buy a dress for Ella for Stella’s fancy tea/birthday party on Sunday.  Ella told me that she wanted a red sparkly dress.  When I got back from shopping, Ella was baking brownies with mommy.    Ella changed into her dress – which she loves and wore it for the rest of the night.  You’ll see from the pictures that Ella had some special touches to her outfit.

umbrella.jpg Walking to school ready for the rain.

dryerase.jpgmorningmeeting.jpgThe dry erase board and morning meeting.

bellashat.jpg At one point, Ella leaned over and flicked Bella’s hat that has a bell on the end of it.  Alicia reminded Ella that they can’t touch each other without asking.  Alicia then asked Bella if she would ring her bell for the class.  Bella rang it a little bit.

waitingforpiano.jpgwatchingmiguel.jpgWaiting patiently to play the piano.

duckfeet.jpg Ella came home to a package from Uncle Jesse and Aunt Heather – in the box was a cool Mickey Mouse t-shirt and these incredible duck feet slippers which Ella immediately fell in love with.

newdress.jpg Here I am showing Ella her new dress.  Notice the firefighter hat that she is wearing.  Ella got that from school today and she didn’t take it off all afternoon/evening.  She likes to wear it more like a baseball hat.

kikibowduckslipper.jpg Ella with her new red bow, red dress and duck feet.

crazy.jpg Here is Ella looking a little crazy.

brownies.jpg The firefighter licking brownie batter.

So much to catch up on…

Monday, December 15th, 2008

I am going to start on Thursday – Ella had her first field trip.  The Leaping Lizards went to a local fire station to bring the firefighters gifts that the class had collected for Toys for Tots.  Kaliko’s parents are both firefighters so there were friendly familiar faces at the station.  Sunny was one of the drivers so she was able to go on the trip with Ella.  Ella did really well until they took out the fire hose and a firefighter came down the pole.  Sunny said that Ella had a complete melt down and wouldn’t stop crying.  Ella is just experiencing so many new things and one of her ways of coping is to lose it.  After the field trip, she was able to have a pretty good day at school.


fieldtrip.jpg Here is Ella before she freaked out.

That afternoon, I picked up AJ and Jordin from the airport.  They came for a visit this weekend and it was wonderful to have them with us.  We had a great time.  I brought them to school to pick up Ella on Thursday and Ella saw them and froze in her steps.  She looked down and it seemed like she didn’t know what to do.  I picked her up and she held onto me tight and then she reached out for AJ.  After long hugs with AJ and Jordin, Ella showed them around the school yard.  They saw the sheep, chickens, organic garden and the outside play structure.  We came home, did some group painting and then had dinner with mommy at Nama.  It was a great dinner and the NY girls went to sleep early.

On Friday morning, the Leaping Lizards were the class who were leading the morning assembly.  Every Friday morning, Children’s Day School has an assembly for the whole school.   The assembly is about 15 minutes long, the parents are invited to stay around and have coffee, and every Friday Ella freaks out.  We’re not sure if its because there are so many people around or if it just messes up her routine but she always ends up sitting on Alicia’s lap sort of crying.  The class did an amazing job with the announcements and with this song in Chinese and English, but Ella just sort of stuck close to Alicia and cried.

crying.jpg Pretty sad but pretty cute.

After the assembly, we were invited back to the classroom where the Leaping Lizards proceeded to entertain us with an original song.  The class was adorable and so great with their song.  Ella was still freaked out and sat next to me and did the song from a distance.  We talked about it later at home and she said that she wouldn’t be so scared next time.  She said that she missed her mommy and mama at the assembly and that’s why she felt sad.  It doesn’t make too much sense since we were there, but that is her reality for now.

I had a performance with my kids a little  while later and AJ and Jordin came to it.  I was happy that they could see the kids and the school and some of the work that I do.  After a great lunch with mommy and a little walking around the Mission, we picked up Ella.  This time she was thrilled and had Jordin push her on the swings.

swings.jpg Jordin was pushing AJ and Ella.

In the afternoon, we hung around the house, did some puzzles, danced around and sang some songs around the piano.

puzzle1.jpg Ella and Jordin doing the Green Eggs and Ham puzzle.

dancing.jpg Dancing with AJ.

pianolesson.jpg A piano lesson with mama.

albumcover.jpg This could be an album cover.

That night we had some delicious crab at Scomas and laughed a lot!  The next day, we went over to the Academy of Sciences.  It was not nearly as crowded as it was when we went with grandma and papa.  We were even able to go into the rainforest part (always a huge line) and we were up close with some beautiful butterflies.

weeeee.jpg WEEEEEEEEE!

jje.jpg Ella walking with AJ and Jordin.

online.jpg Waiting on line to go into the rain forest.

looking.jpg We’re finally in!  Here is Ella looking around.

mommybutterflies.jpg Looking for butterflies with mommy.

ellabutterfly.jpgstripes.jpgElla loves the butterflies!

findingbutterflies.jpgsmile.jpgElla was having so much fun looking for butterflies.

eyes.jpg This is one happy kid.

jeans.jpg We actually got Ella to wear jeans today.  She looks like such a big girl.

lpgloss.jpg AJ putting lip gloss on Ella.

Sadly, the trip had to come to an end and AJ and Jordin left this afternoon.  We had a great time with them.  We love you guys.



Friday, December 12th, 2008

Today is papa’s birthday and Ella has a special video shout out for him.  We love you papa.  Have a beautiful day.

Borders and Desperaux

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Last night, we went to a little holiday celebration at Borders.  Desperaux the mouse from the new movie was supposed to be there but they cancelled at the last minute.  Instead, they had some Desperaux masks and bookmarks and did some activities with the kids.  Stella, Juliet and Ella had a lot of fun.  They had us read a lot of stories to them and had their own little party at Borders.

desperauxmask.jpgElla wearing her Desperaux mask.

whataface.jpg What a face.

cimg7439.JPG Hanging out with Stella, Helen and Juliet.

motomoto.jpg Ella safely buckled in with MotoMoto on the way to school this morning.

Thank you KK

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Ella had a great day at school today.  Brickelle’s parents came in for family share day and they made some delicious Spanish cookies.  We do family share day next week and we will be telling the story of Chanukah, reading some books, playing dreidel and making latkes.  We weren’t originally planning on making latkes, but Alicia told us last week that Ella made an announcement that we will be making latkes for the class.  Oy vey.  Trader Joes makes a nice frozen latke.  Emily met us over here after school and Ella had a fun “playdate” with her.  They painted and played with the doll house.  I was opening the mail and we got a package from KK.  Ella saw the wrapping paper and said, “is that a present for me”.  I told her that it was and she asked me to open it.  I opened it and out came a black  I (heart) NY tank top with sequens on it.  Ella’s eyes lit up and said, “Is that a tank top, is that a sun dress?  Can I put it on now?”  She put it on and danced around.  She loves it.

Mommy’s book came to the house today.  It is officially printed in hard cover.  The release date is sometime during the first week of January.  It was so exciting to see the actual book.  Mazel Tov mommy.  We love you!

sleepyhead.jpg Our little sleepy head on the way to school.

nyc1.jpgnyc2.jpgDancing around in her new tank top/sundress.

Brickelle’s party

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Today we went to Brickelle’s birthday party which was a lot of fun, but Ella was a little out of sorts.  We think she was just really tired so she was clingy for the first 30 minutes or so.  After she got over whatever it was, she had a blast.  She loved the long trampoline that you can run, jump or tumble down.  Here is a little movie of Ella and Brickelle on the slide yesterday and Ella hopping down the big trampoline.

Playdate and gingerbread house

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Today Ella had a play date with Brickelle – one of her classmates.  We went to a park and we all had a great time.  It was a beautiful day and the girls played hard for about 2 hours.  We came home and Ella changed into a new black leotard/tutu combo and we played around the house.  Right before dinner, Ella and mommy built their very first gingerbread house.  It is beautiful.  After dinner, we took a walk around the ballpark.  There was a “parade” of boats that were decorated by lights for the holidays.  It was beautiful.  Ella loved it.

Just a note – Ella went to the doctor on Friday.  She was really not into it at all.  She was crying and said that she didn’t want to take her clothes off (which was strange to us because she loves being naked everywhere).  There was a very long wait – 2 hours and she was fantastic considering.  At the end of the appointment Ella got a flu shot and she didn’t even cry.  Ella is 29 pounds and 3 feet tall.  She has graduated from the 10th percentile in both to the 25th percentile in both.

boom.jpganotherboom.jpgThe girls landing at the bottom of this very cool slide.

sharing.jpg Sharing some snacks.

thehit.jpgthecatch.jpgWhat’s a day at the park without wiffle ball?  Here is Sunny hitting the ball back to Brickelle’s dad Brooke while he attempts to field the ball with their newborn son Brooklyn in the Bjorn.

cameralessons.jpgtakeapic.jpgBrickelle teaching Ella how to use her camera and Ella trying to take a picture of Brickelle.

onbelly.jpg Ella “flying” on a swing.

huggoodbye.jpg A big hug goodbye.

gingerbreadhouse1.jpggingerbreadhouse2.jpggingerbreadhouse3.jpgthehouse.jpgElla making her gingerbread house and the final product…

litboats.jpg Some of the boats in the Channel.

Past week in video

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I put together a little video that documents a few of Ella this past week.  The first clip is of “ballet class” – grandma being the instructor.  The next clip is of our Zingo game with Stella and Juliet the other night.  Ella shows her skills as a sharer/negotiator.  The clip also shows some amazing faces made by Stella and Juliet.  The last clip is of Ella running into Sunny’s arms before school.  We drive in separate cars so we can both go to work after the drop off and Ella loves running to Sunny and jumping into her arms.

puzzle.jpg Ella and her classmate Ava doing a puzzle before school yesterday.

puzzle2.jpg Ella doing a puzzle before school this morning.

icecream.jpg Eating ice cream after school.

hanging.jpg Hanging at Acme tonight.  Ella is getting a little too tall for this bar!

redlight.jpg They put green and red gels on the lights outside of the ballpark and Ella ran from light to light tonight after dinner.  She was having a blast.

Ballet and tree hugging

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

On Sunday, when my parents were leaving, my mom and Ella began to do some ballet together.  The ballet duet turned into a group ballet lesson.  Here are some pictures from the “class”.  I couldn’t resist posting these.  Ella had a great day at school today.  She is more and more comfortable at school and it’s so wonderful to watch her grow.

footup.jpg Doing a little ballet stretching.

groupballet.jpg Group ballet shot.

footin1.jpgfootin2.jpgPretty fancy footwork.

treehugger.jpghugger2.jpgOur little tree hugger.

handsinpocket.jpg After school, we were coming home down the hallway and Ella said, “Look, I have 2 cute pockets, I love my pockets”.  I turned around and saw this sweet sight.


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Ella had a great day at school today – she has another little cold again, but she’s a trooper.  Tonight we had dinner with Helen, Ron and the girls and then we played Zingo.  Zingo is a game that Ella got from one of her classmates for her birthday.  It is sort of like Bingo for kids.  The girls had a great time.  There is some pretty funny video that I’ll post tomorrow.  It was great to hang out together again.

hallway.jpg Running down the hallway and off to school.

zingo1.jpgzingo2.jpgzingo3.jpgzingo4.jpgSome pictures of our Zingo game tonight.