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Hitting the museums

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

We have been enjoying a little time off…(Ella and I have time off – mommy is still working).  Grandma and papa went to LA on Monday so I decided to take Ella to the Japanese tea gardens in Golden Gate Park.  It was so incredibly crowded there because of the new Academy of Science that we didn’t even drive into the park.  Instead, we went to the SFMOMA where we enjoyed walking around and checking out some of the beautiful art.  Ella loved the huge paintings that had a lot of red in them.  Today, we tried to go to the Academy early with grandma and papa and it was still so crowded.  The member line was all the way down the block.  We decided to ditch the Academy and go to the De Young museum.  We also took the train there so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the traffic.  Ella love the train – she loves sitting by herself.  The adults have also been having a blast playing with the Wii that Sunny got me for Chanukah.

eleveatorgrandma.jpg Having fun with grandma.

hallway4.jpg Getting ready to go to the museum.

museum1.jpgmuseum2.jpgAt the SFMOMA.

onthetrain.jpg On the way to Golden Gate park.

hat.jpg Beautiful Ella with her new hat and gloves.

longline.jpg A very long line.  Time to do plan B.

trainhome.jpg On the train coming home.

Last night of Chanukah

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Today was a beautiful day.  We hung around the house, played at the park and ended the day by having our friends over for Chanukah.  Phyllis, Naomi, Debby, Toby and Rachel came over.  We had a really sweet night.  Ella insisted on lighting all of the candles on the menorah all by herself.  There is a video at the end showing this miraculous event.

dancingmommy.jpgdancinggrandma.jpglovingpapa.jpgElla sharing dances with her favorite people.

sunny.jpgbeautifulprincess.jpgAbsolute beauty

riding.jpgmerrygoround.jpgplayingball.jpgHaving fun at the park.

grandma.jpg A really sweet picture of grandma.

mamaella.jpg A tender moment at the park.


Family farmer video

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Here is a little video I put together of Sunny and I doing our family farmer duty during Christmas.  We went twice a day.  Once before 8:00 am and then at around 4:00.  We were looking pretty tired during our 8:00 am feedings!

Where have the days gone?

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

I have fallen behind here.  Let’s see…happy chanukah and merry christmas to everyone.  Grandma and papa arrived on Wednesday night.  We have been having a blast.  Sunny and I did our first 2 days of “family farmers” at Children’s Day School.  On Christmas and today, we have taken care of the sheep and chickens at Ella’s school.  Christmas morning was challenging.  There was a rain storm and there was actually thunder and lightening which is so rare in SF.  It was our first morning taking care of the animals and it was a little crazy.  We felt like pros by the time we went back in the afternoon to feed them and put them back in their little houses.  Today was totally smooth in the morning and afternoon until the very end when the sheep left their barn because they got spooked and we couldn’t get them to go back in.  They started running around really fast and they were crazy.  We were afraid because it was starting to get dark, but we finally got them back in.  Oy vey.  I am getting a movie together of our “family farmer” experience.  We do it again on New Year’s Day and the day after.  Hopefully things will be easier.  We really had a fun time even though it was different than anything that we had ever done together.  Here are some photos documenting the last 4 days. On Tuesday night we opened presents with Helen and Ron and the girls for Chanukah and then we hung out on Christmas Eve.  It was great to spend time together and hang out.  The girls are all amazing.

onthebus.jpg On Tuesday, Ella and I went to the Jewish Museum downtown.  We took the bus and Ella wanted to sit in her own seat.

eatinglunch.jpg The big girl eating lunch at the cafe in the museum.

makingawish.jpg Ella had a lot of fun throwing money into the fountain and making wishes.

crowdedtrain.jpg Ella ona very crowded train on the way home.  Once again, she insisted on sitting by herself.

anotherprincessdress.jpg Ella wearing another princess dress from Becca.  Ella told us that her name was princess Phillip and that she had to go to her wedding.

dimsum.jpg We had dim sum on Christmas day.

beforedesperaux.jpg Here we are on our way to Despereaux.

des1.jpgdes2.jpgHere is Ella posing with the Despereaux cut out at the movie theater.  Ella sat through the whole movie and she said that she really liked it.

familyfarmers.jpg Here we are- the family farmers.

tendermoment.jpgtendermoment2.jpgElla and papa having some tender moments.

octopus.jpg Having fun with grandma on the way to the ferry building.

mamawall.jpg Me and Ella taking a stroll down the Embarcadero.

3generations.jpg 3 generations.

sweete1.jpgsweete2.jpgOur sweet Ella.

grandmapapaellabus.jpgepg.jpg I love this picture.  It’s just about pure love.

grandmapapaellabus.jpgPapa, Ella and grandma on the bus.

thesheep.jpg Here I am with the sheep.  They were doing pretty well here.

everyonemenorah.jpg Here’s the family lighting the menorah.

ellacandles.jpgBeautiful Ella lighting the menorah.  She loves lighting the candles.

Tonight, Sunny and I went out with Amy and Becca and some other friends to see Amy’s sister perform at Kung Pow Kosher Comedy.  We had a great dinner and and Page was very funny – the funniest performer there.  We had a lot of fun and came home at 11:45 – some kind of record for us!

Fun, fun fun

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Ella is officially on vacation from school.  She also slept for about 12 hours in her own bed which is a record for these past few months. We went to Yerba Buena…we rode on the carousel, ran around in the park and had a great lunch at Moe’s grill.  We did a little shopping at Lucky Kid (great 50% off sales right now) and then came home.  At home, we hooked up with Stella and Juliet.  The girls ran around the hallway with Hello Kitty Golf clubs.  As usual, they had a blast with each other.  Tonight we met Akilah, Brooke, Brickelle and Brooklyn to go see BOLT.  It was a cute movie – Ratatouille was my recent Disney favorite.  The girls seemed to love it.  Ella was pretty great – she only got up a few times out of boredom.  Brickelle did a great job.  Ella had a very busy and fun day.meetingtyler.jpg On the way to meet Tyler.carousel1.jpgcarousel2.jpgHolding hands on the carousel.bigkids.jpg Just look at these big kids!slide.jpg I guess stripes were popular today.jump.jpg Nice jump Ella!elandbrikelle.jpg Ella and Brickelle in front of the movie theater.iceage.jpg Fooling around with the Ice Age display.atthemovies.jpg Sitting together at the movies.

Stella’s 4th Birthday video

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

I put this video together for Helen and Ron.  I think it’s pretty cute.

Stella’s birthday party and Chanukah

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

We went to Stella’s 4th birthday party today.  Helen planned an amazing party at their house.  It started out with ginger bread house decorating downstairs and ended upstairs with a beautiful tea party.  We all had an amazing time.  After the party, Ella rested and then Amy and Becca came over or a Chanukah dinner.  They brought over these extravagant gifts for Ella and some delicious treats for us.  The day and night were great.  HAPPY CHANUKAH.

birthdaygirlhug.jpg Giving Stella a big happy birthday hug before the party.

emoteaparty.jpg Julie (Emo) and Stella checking the tea party table out before the party.

blankhouses.jpg Ginger bread houses all lined up and ready to be decorated.

newdoraphone.jpg Ella on her new Dora phone.  Thank you Emily!

helenlauren.jpgHelen and Lauren.  I think this is the first picture of us together.

wipingondress.jpg Ella using her new dress as a napkin.

busy.jpgbusyatwork.jpgBusy at work on the houses.

elgingerbreadhouse.jpgellashouse.jpgElla’s beautiful house.

teatable.jpg Beautiful table all set up for the tea party.

cupcakes.jpgexcited.jpgElla seems like she is very excited for the cupcakes.

dancing1.jpgshadow.jpgsmiles.jpgDancing around and having a lot of fun with Juliet and Julia.

chanukah.jpg Lighting the candles.

dressup.jpg One of Ella’s new dress up outfits.  Thanks you guys!

Winter Concert

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Well…today was the big day.  We went to the Children’s Day School winter concert.  Each grade got up and sang a song.  The preschoolers went first.  Ella saw us before the performance and she looked so happy.  Her eyes lit up and she began waving and waving.  Once they were up on the stage, Ella spotted us again and waved again.  She had a blast up there singing “The More We Get Together”.  I have the whole thing on video at the end of this post.  After the concert, the kids were dismissed.  Sunny and I took Ella to Pier 39 to buy fairy dust – Stella had it a while ago and Sunny promised Ella that she could have some too.  Ella did not forget!  On the way back Ella and Sunny went on the carousel.  Ella chose a spinning tea cup on the already spinning carousel and Sunny had to talk herself out of vomiting right then and there.  Tonight we went out for a holiday dinner with Helen, Ron, Stella and Juliet.  It was a really great dinner.  Ella loved hanging with her buddies and so did we.hallway3.jpg On the way to school.carousel.jpg I just couldn’t help myself…here are mommy and Ella on the carousel.  Mommy doesn’t look very comfortale.  The schmutz on her face is fairy dust.  What an amazing mommy.  I refused to get on the carousel.AND NOW FOR THE SONG…

In the hallway on the way to school

Friday, December 19th, 2008

One more day of school and Ella is officially on her first winter break.  The school is having a winter concert tomorrow and hopefully Ella will participate in it.  We will be there with cameras on hand to record the pre-school portion of the concert.  Here are 2 cute pictures of Ella from the past 2 mornings.

kikibow.jpg Going to school on Wednesday.

hallway2.jpg Going to school today.

Ella did take a nap in her raincoat

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

I found out from Gladys that Ella took a nap in her raincoat.  She didn’t take it off all day.  I think it’s usually the opposite  – it’s a pain getting a kid to put on a raincoat!  Ella had a great day at school.  After school Ella had her playdate with Stella, Julieta.  She was so happy in the car coming home – she couldn’t wait to play with her buddies!  Tonight we found Ella coming down the stairs with Helen.  She had her Belle dress on and on top was a polka dot apron and a chef hat.  She looked absolutely crazy.  Ella wore her “outfit” to Acme tonight.hallway1.jpg Ready for another day of rain.withmommy.jpg With mommy on the way to school.walkingin.jpg Ella would not close her umbrella until we were in the classroom.inthepuddle.jpg Walking in a huge puddle after school.chefprincessbelle.jpgback.jpgChef princess.crazy1.jpg Crazy girls with Kiki bows.  Ella’s bow is under the chef’s hat.becca.jpg At Acme with Auntie Becca.