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Trip back East

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

We woke up very early this morning to take a plane ride to NY. AJ is having her official album release show on Thursday. We are very excited for the show. Ella has been telling us that we need to be quiet when AJ sings. Ella was amazing on the flight. We had to buy her her own seat because she is over 2 and it was the best thing in the world. Ella sat on Sunny’s lap during takeoff and landing and then stayed in her own seat for the rest of the flight. She didn’t sleep a wink, but I guess she didn’t need to. She watched the Wizard of Oz, Yo Gabba Gabba, the Backyardigans and watched her own videos that I loaded on my iPod. One of the flight attendants told us that Ella was her BOB (best on board!) We arrived at JFK and grandma was waiting. Ella immediately went into her arms and wouldn’t let go. We came back to grandma and papa’s house and Ella lit up when she saw papa. We had dinner, played a little and Ella was sleeping by 9:00 NY (NJ) time. Hopefully she will sleep through the night.

This picture was taken at 6:45 am. Although Ella was walking in her sleep, she still insisted on carrying her own suitcase and walking to the elevator. When she saw me take out my camera, she stopped in her tracks and looked up.

Ella on the plane in her own seat

Checking out her videos on the iPod

Big hug for Grandma

Big smile for Ella

Back together again. Goodnight!

H&M has some really cute stuff

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Today I was doing some last minute shopping – went to the mall to get Ella some socks, Sunny gloves and me a hat and I ended up at H&M in the kid’s section and they had the most adorable ballet stuff. I picked up some pink tights, a tutu and a leotard for Ella. I also got 3 of these really cute white leotards for Ella, Stella and Juliet.   I put Ella in her ballet outfit which she was just crazy about. Then Mommy came home and Ella danced the night away. She ate in her ballet outfit and finally let us take it off when it was time for a bath. Here are some ballet pictures and a video.action.jpgPretty cool action shot. I caught Ella mid-spinballerinazoe.jpgElla, Towby and ballerina Zoezoekiss.jpgA kiss for ballerina Zoestackingbells.jpgHere is Ella trying to stack bells that are not intended to stack. She’s doing a pretty great job.mamaella.jpgHere we are at the end of the evening. Ella climbed up on me and gave me a great big hug. She started to pat my arm which was so sweet and I patted her back. This made her giggle.BALLET MOVIE

Rainy Sunday

Monday, January 28th, 2008

The rain is back. It rained on and off today. We spent time in the house getting ready for our trip on Wednesday. We’re going to NY to see AJ at Joe’s Pub – it’s her official album release. We can’t wait to go back east and hang out with everyone. Ella played around the house a lot. We got her a huge Dora tent yesterday at Target and she loves it. She really loves it when the dogs come in there with her. I’ll get pictures this week. Ella also painted and splashed in puddles outside in the Zen garden. Here are a few pictures from today.

I came downstairs to find Mommy and Ella painting. I asked Ella what she was painting and she told me that it was a brown bra.

Here is Ella with her rain boots on ready to go out into the garden to dance in puddles

Ella and Bug sharing a loving moment

That’s what I call a good splash!

Great splash that made the bottom of Ella’s pants a little wet – time to go inside.

School tour

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

We went on our tour of Children’s Day School today. Ella seemed to really like it there. The teachers were really sweet and it was a pretty relaxed environment. If Ella gets in, that would be great, but it’s a pretty competitive pre-school situation. We’ll see. Ella really loved it that there were 2 sheep and about 4 chickens at the school. They use the animals to teach the kids about math, science, the environment etc. After the tour, Sunny took the dogs to get shampooed (we wanted them to be nice and clean when they go to Ellen and Joyce’s house while we’re in NY) and Ella and I took a walk to get some grilled cheese and french fries behind the ballpark. After Ella’s nap, the three of us went to Target and then had some dinner out there. It was a fun day.

This picture was taken after the school tour. Mommy and I were happy to leave and Ella wanted to stay a little longer

Ella and Mommy on a swing at the school

The doggies all dressed up after their baths


Rain, rain go away for real!

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

It’s been raining here since Sunday night. It’s not the usual San Francisco rain – it’s crazy rain. Even our Zen garden has huge puddles. I went to the gym today and I had to turn around and take another way because there was some serious flooding. Stella, Juliet, Helen and Ron left for Florida yesterday. I hope you guys are having a great time. Ella misses the girls and with the rain and stuff, we need to make sure that she stays busy. The girls playing together is usually enough, but since they’re gone, we had to make sure that Ella had a fun filled day. In the morning, I took Ella to Recess, then we played at home, then Ella took a nap. When Sunny came home, the 3 of us went to the gym and we went swimming. After swimming, we had dinner at the pub. Tomorrow, we go to one of the schools that we are looking at for pre-school for an open house type thing that the kids go to. We are interested to see if Ella likes the school environment. We’ll let you know tomorrow.happy.jpgThis is a picture of Ella from yesterday – she was very happy playing with her dragon thingbiggirl.jpgHere is our big girl having breakfast this morningpotty.jpgSome people read magazines on the potty…Ella watches her movieshidingspace.jpgThis is a secret hiding space at Recess. Ella had a great time running around and hiding todaybigchair.jpgHere is Ella right before we went to the gym. She was dancing around, singing, jumping on the chair and clapping. She was really excited to go swimming.lockerroom.jpgElla in the locker room at the gym – in a locker.bigfoot.jpgAfter dinner, Ella likes to walk around the fitness center. There are these huge sculpture people made out of a giant tree and here is Ella next to one of the feet

Rain, rain go away (in the bath)

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Ella had a great day today. We went to the carousel, had some lunch, and went to music class. Mommy and I took Ella to Acme for dinner and then she took a bath and we read her some stories. Ella made a smashing video in the bath which is at the end of this out Ella’s long hairbedtime.jpgMommy reading Ella and Towby a goodnight storyRAIN RAIN GO AWAY MOVIE

Jellybean training

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

We decided that we needed to get a little more “aggressive” about Ella trying to use the potty. Part of it is us being a little lazy – not being patient enough to let her run around without a diaper for as long as it takes, and the other part is Ella just enjoying using her diaper. She communicates so well and she knows what’s going on so we decided that we would try something else. We filled 2 jars with all different flavor jellybeans and have one downstairs and one upstairs (where the potties are). We told her that if she made a pee or poop on the potty that she would get a jellybean. She has never had a jellybean before so this was pretty exciting for her. As soon as we told her that she would get a jellybean if she went to the bathroom, she said, “I have to pee”. It took a lot longer than that. It took about an hour – a lot of whining, a bath, about 5 stories and some chamomile tea. When she finally peed, she was so excited – she couldn’t believe it! We gave her 4 jellybeans that she picked out. One was cherry, one watermelon, one cotton candy and a chocolate one. She also did a little dance around her room. Hopefully the jellybean training will continue to work.

This is Ella when I came home from work today. We went to the elevator to wait for mommy. Ella is still recovering from her stomach virus. She’s doing really well, but her appetite isn’t exactly right and her nap today was over 3 hours. That’s why she looks a little like a wreck – but what a cute wreck.


Here is a little clip of Ella singing “We’re Off To See The Wizard” from the Wizard of Oz. She learned this all by herself by watching the movie. She’s great at making up words.

Monday Yoga

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Ella had her yoga class today. Since today was a holiday for MLK day, Helen and Ron took Stella and Juliet and I came by the class to take some video. Ella kind of got a little out of sorts when she saw me there – just not used to having me at her yoga class and Stella and Juliet were not really into it today (probably because their parents were there). Anyway, I was able to get a little bit of sweet video. The class is great and the kids did a good job even though it was a little bit of an off day.

Ella and Mommy having a tender moment. Look at Ella’s cute feet and toes.

Juliet was actually having a great moment here.

Ron looks pretty content. Stella, on the other hand…

Ella getting ready to give hugs to her friends


Another important first

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Well…Ella hit another milestone. She had her first stomach virus as a toddler. She threw up on Grandma, Papa and Mommy. I somehow avoided the vomit. I did do all the laundry, so I wasn’t a complete dud. It all really lasted for less than 12 hours. She’s sleeping now and hopefully will be all better when she wakes up. It was a pretty mellow day.

Ella watching Ratatouille with Papa while eating ice chips

Looks like Ella is feeling a little sick…

Hanging out with Grandma and trying to cover herself with the little blanket

Ella started to feel a little better. She had two bowls of Mommy matzah ball soup and even had some spaghetti

I’m so hungry I could eat my foot

Looks like Ella is fading a little

Looks like it’s time to go upstairs and get ready for bed

How many grandparents does it take to put on a pair of PJ’s?


Time to say goodnight

The Aquarium with Grandma

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Grandma and Papa came in on Thursday night. Ella didn’t get to see them when they came in, but was so happy to see them this morning. Mommy had to work today, so I took Ella, Grandma and Papa down by Fisherman’s Wharf where Papa had a meeting. Ella, Grandma and I went to lunch, the aquarium and finally the carousel. At the aquarium, Ella kept referencing the movie Finding Nemo. She has been watching it a lot and really loves the characters. In the video below, when you hear her referencing Bruce, she is talking about a great white shark. She loves Bruce. Here are some pictures and a video.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and then there’s beautiful Ella

Grandma, Papa and Ella walking down the street. I know Grandma’s eyes are closed, but I think it’s a great picture

I just think this is such a sweet picture of Ella

The carousel!

Here’s the video…