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More “Take Your Time” lyrics and “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore” in the tub

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Ella is now working on another part of Jamie’s song. She’s probably the only 20 month old in the world sing the word “untenable”.  I’ll put the clip of Jamie’s song up again so you can hear the beautiful original. The second part of the video is me sneaking up on Sunny and Ella while Sunny was giving Ella a bath. Ella just loves singing – she sings everywhere. Sometimes she really surprises us with lyrics that she knows!

A few days in the life

Monday, July 30th, 2007

We had a great weekend. We hung around the house, ran around with the dogs, went swimming, went to the park, went to the carousel, had dinner with friends, and just spent some quality time together. I put together a little movie showing parts of our past few days.


Saturday, July 28th, 2007

We went to a game on Thursday and one on Friday. Everyone is caught up in Barry chasing Hank Aaron’s record…except Ella. Ella is much more interested in Lou Seal and Charlie Brown. Luckily we can “cover all bases” at the ballpark! Barry didn’t hit a home run on Thursday, but he did it last night. We were there, but not in our seats and not with our camera out. I couldn’t capture the swing, but we did capture highlights for us of the past 2 games. There were fireworks at the game last night, which was a long game. It was an exciting game and Ella stayed up for the whole thing! She was struggling at the end a little, but once the fireworks started, she was laying in Sunny’s arms, mesmerized by the magic in the air and completely relaxed.

Ella, Sunny and Lou Seal at Thursday’s game. Ella is holding 2 Lou Seal cards that the usher gave to her. She held onto them through most of the game.

Here we are coming towards the end of Thursday’s game. I was still totally into the game…Ella was a little too through.

Friday night right before the game. This is not a posed picture. They all just sat down on the steps once we reached the lobby. They are too much!

There is the home run counter right there on the wall. He did it in the beginning of the game. Some history to show Ella later on.

So we’re all excited about the home run and Ella really wants to go see her friend Charlie Brown. She’s getting brave now. She’s standing on the platform with him!

Something very exciting happened. Duane Kuiper – one of the voices of the Giants (that’s him in the upper left hand corner) who knows Sunny from the Giants Community Fund, spotted us in our seats. He saw Ella and gave two big thumbs up. A few minutes later, one of the ushers came down to us and handed a ball to Ella telling her that it was from Duane Kuiper. What a treat! Ella loved holding the baseball and also shared it with her buddy Stella.

Here we are with the ball from Kuip.

The evening is almost over…the lights in the stadium are starting to go off…the girls are getting ready to watch the fireworks.

ABC encore with Patty Cake too!

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

This was taken earlier today. Ella was singing her little heart out. Here’s an encore of the ABC’s and a few new tunes for you. She has sampled in Patty Cake and Michael Row Your Boat Ashore. Enjoy!

Ella eating with a fork in her new high chair

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Sunny and I decided to get Ella a new high chair. This chair pulls right up to the table and she can eat with us. No more high chair tray. Here is a little video of Ella eating some mac and cheese (one of her favorites) in her new high chair. Ella has also been working on using her utensils and this video shows some great fork action!

Afternoon at the park

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

It was another beautiful day today – the three of us went to the park behind the ballpark for Ella’s first kite flying and some fun times. Sunny flew a kite as Ella watched on. Ella went for almost 2 blocks on Sunny’s shoulders which made Sunny very happy. Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

The kite launched!

There’s nothing like a sweet kiss from Ella.

A big kiss and a big smile.


Now Ella can see all the boats! Things look different from up here.

Happy child, happy mommy.

The Oakland Zoo

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Today, we met Jesse, Heather, Elaine, Andy and Chloe at the Oakland Zoo. This was sort of a mini-reunion of our time last summer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It was a wonderful day. The girls were so sweet with each other. Chloe is a very thoughtful, beautiful, sweet and funny kid. Ella and Chloe hit it off right away. It was a great day for us to be with everyone and a special day for Jesse and Heather because they will be moving to LA within the next month so having a day at the zoo with their nieces was perfect. Sunny and I took Ella on the carousel at the end of the day and Ella did the same thing she did yesterday…she was so happy when she was riding (an elephant today) and when the carousel stopped, she cried and cried. We have to work on carousel transitions.

Here we are arriving at the zoo.


Heather, Elaine and Chloe


Chloe and Ella looking at the flamingos.


Ella and Jesse


Ella coming out of the cave


Holding hands


Shaking hands


Sharing the “zoo ride”. Heather was the official driver for Ella today.


Mommy and Ella checking out the giraffes.


No food at this petting zoo…only brushes. The kids were able to brush the goats and sheep.


Andy and Chloe watching two monkeys communicate with each other. They were very loud monkeys.


Waiting for the train that goes around the zoo.


Golden Gate Park Children’s Playground – “Somebody Come and Play”

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

This morning we went to the newly renovated children’s playground at Golden Gate Park. It is a beautiful playground with so many things to do for the kids. We met Helen, Ron and the girls over there. It was a gorgeous day and we all had so much fun. She loved the swings the most (not a big surprise). The Giants were giving out free ice cream in an ice cream truck and Ella had her first popsicle. She did a great job – finished the whole thing. After all the adventure on the playground, we sat in the grass to have some snacks and we played with a Stomp Rocket toy that the girls have…not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or the parents. Finally at the end of our morning at the park, we took Ella on the carousel and she LOVED it. She loved it so much that when it was over, she began to cry hysterically. Sunny and I were very dizzy from the experience and were happy that the ride ended! I was so inspired by the great day and great fun that of course, I made a movie about it. This one is a bit longer than the others so I apologize ahead of time if it’s too much.

Ella’s sentences

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Ella is getting better and better at communicating. She’s at a place now where she is stringing words together and making sentences that make sense. Last night she looked at me and said, “Go to bed mama”. She wanted to go to sleep! It was incredible. Tonight, we were having dinner and we were just about winding down. Ella looked at us and said, “Are we done?” We just stared at her in wonder and delight. After dinner, Sunny said, “OK Ella – I’m going to bring you up to go to bed”. Ella looked at her and said, “OK – brush your teeth”.

These are probably things that only parents are proud of, but I thought I would share them. Sunny and I are just so moved by this little one.

Here are some pictures from her day today.

Here is Ella at My Gym crawing through a little tube.


The three amigas


Resting after playing hard with Stella and Juliet


Mommy and Ella reading “Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late” – a gift from Helen


Old Brass Wagon

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Here is a short video of Ella dancing at My Gym.  She’s doing a dance to one of her Music Together songs called “Old Brass Wagon”.  She really does this one well…