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More adventures with Ella and Milo

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

I left off on Friday night so here is Saturday and Sunday… once again, we LOVED having Jamie and Milo with us last week.  Here are some more pics.

2.jpg3.jpg Milo really wanted to ride on the train so we headed downtown on the Muni.

4.jpg5.jpg Having fun at the mall.

7.jpg8.jpg 9.jpg10.jpg10a.jpg10b.jpgBubbles in the zen garden.

6.jpg11.jpg12.jpg13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg16.jpgWe had a lot of fun at the beach.  It was a little windy and began to get cold after about 45 mins, but so different than what AJ and Milo were living with in NY.

17.jpg Bedtime story.

18.jpg Posing with Willie Mays never gets old!

19.jpg Sister selfie

20.jpg One last walk/scooter ride with out heavy jackets for AJ and Milo.

21.jpg22.jpgShots taken through a fence at Ella’s futile practice.  Her team remains undefeated.  Tomorrow is the last game of the season and then they will go to the playoffs.

This next video was taken at a Little Kids Rock teacher’s professional development that I went to on Thursday night.  Sunny had a meeting so I took Ella to the training.  The teacher was showing us some Blues riffs that we can teach our students.  Ella joined in after she finished her homework and was jamming on the electric guitar.  I have never taught her anything on the guitar and that short lesson made her want to play the guitar!  She was terrific!

Visit from Grandma and Papa and the playoffs!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Wow – what a wild ride we have been on with the Giants.  In the middle of an intense playoff series, we had an amazing visit from the two most beautiful people in the world!  Grandma and Papa came to visit and it was terrific to have them here.  We hung out, went to Ella’s soccer game, went to the beach, mommy, Ella and papa played golf, we went to the Academy and of course, we watched baseball!  Here are some great shots from the weekend.

1a.jpg First night here – walking to Nama.

110.jpg A little chilly waiting for Ella’s soccer game to start.

210.jpg Three beauties at the beach.

32.jpg41.jpg Sweet love – soon Ella will be taller than grandma!

51.jpg So sweet!

61.jpg Now we can see their beautiful faces!

71.jpg Ella and the eel.

81.jpg Photo bombed!

8a.jpg8b.jpg Ella and brave mommy climbed this bridge at the Japanese Tea Garden.

91.jpg101.jpg Thank you for indulging me with the pics!

111.jpg Sweet family shot!

Grandma and papa had to go and we weren’t able to go to any of the games with them.  Here is a series of our play off photos…we had a blast at the games!

121.jpg Ella at game 3 against the Nationals.

131.jpg Can’t believe we’re all here together!

141.jpg Silliness in our seats!

151.jpg161.jpg Look at this beautiful ballpark.  Notice the moon!

171.jpg Uh Oh – mommy looks a little nervous.

181.jpg Don’t worry mommy – we’re going to win this.

191.jpg Ella and her rally rags.

201.jpg Uh oh – can we do this?

211.jpg Oy – this game is too close!

221.jpg Yes!  They did it!

231.jpg Ok – why not go to another game?

241.jpg We can hardly stand it!

251.jpg261.jpg Puttling our rally rags to good use.

271.jpg281.jpg291.jpg They did it again!

301.jpg OK – we could win the pennant tonight.  Let’s see what happens.

311.jpg We’re so excited!

33.jpg Pulling our hair out.  It’s Giants Torture!

34.jpg35.jpgThey did it!  The Giants are going to the World Series!

Circus camp and Jumping

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Ella had a great week at circus camp and then had a great weekend with her cousins Georgia and Bronwen.  They had a sleep over on Friday night and we all went to the House of Air on Saturday.  I have made 2 small movies that show some of the fun.  Enjoy!

Photos will be posted tomorrow. 

Black Widows and the Matilda Show

Monday, May 19th, 2014

The Black Widows played their last game of the spring on Saturday.  They won some games and lost some games, but as a team – they are kicking butt.  The girls are finally learning how to play the game and it’s really showing!  Ella goes back and forth about wanting to play goalie.  She’s great at the position, and tough – we’ll see what the future holds.  Here are some shots from Saturday’s game.

31.jpg Ella setting up the kick for Lexie the leg.

41.jpg Lexie is taking it and kicking it down the field.

5.jpg Ella throwing it out.

6.jpg7.jpg What a team!

OK – Here’s Matilda…

Ella’s Musical Theatre Class rehearsing “When I Grow Up”

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

A glimpse into Ella’s musical theatre class.

Another milestone – Ella was fitted for two retainers!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

On Thursday, Sunny took Ella to the orthodontist for the first time.  Ella is beautiful in every way but her teeth could use a little help.  The tops have multiple teeth living in one space and the bottoms are very crowded.  These days, they use retainers to try to avoid pulling teeth to make room.  Ella chose a hot pink background with rainbow sparkles.  They should be ready in a few weeks.  Ella has to wear them all day and night and only take them out to brush her teeth.  Let the fun begin!

22.jpg32.jpg42.jpg16.jpg What a beautiful sweet love.

Today was Ella’s first soccer game of the season.  We missed last week’s game because we were in Az.  The Black Widows lost but they just need a little more education on what they all need to do to win and they can totally do it!

52.jpg62.jpg72.jpg82.jpg92.jpgFun fun fun after the game.  Ella is sleeping over at Emmi’s tonight.  We love you Ella!

Ella and her kind, compassionate heart

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Today, Ella’s class did an activity during social studies.  I am going to use Colette’s description of the exercise in order to explain it…

Hello Parents,

Today in the Octopus classroom, as part of our Social Studies unit, Jasmin Hoo, our fantastic diversity director came in to lead an activity. She began by asking Ms. Kay to leave the room and then gave the Octopuses one simple direction. The direction was for the students to form a circle and then when Ms. Kay was asked to return, they were not to let her into the circle no matter what. They were told that they could do this in any way as long as they were still being safe with their bodies.

What followed was challenging to witness, but provided what we feel was a powerful learning opportunity. As Ms. Kay walked around and attempted to join the circle by asking students, many of our Octopuses began to laugh. Several students began to taunt her by chanting “Excluded, excluded” and pointing at her. Other students moved their bodies aside and told Ms. Kay that she could come over, but quickly moved their bodies back to block her when she would come over. Most of our students laughed and joined in on a variety of taunts. A few of our students did not laugh, but remained silent. When Ms. Kay asked those students if she could join their circle, they avoided eye contact with her but whispered “No” or shook their heads. As the activity progressed and Ms. Kay began to express frustration, sadness and finally resignation, those students and a few others began to look down at the floor and to show increasing discomfort. Then entire activity lasted for about five minutes before Jasmin and I stopped the activity and asked the group to reconvene.



Ella was one of the kids who was very upset – she remained silent – did not make eye contact.  She did tell Kay “no” when she asked to get into the circle but  Ella told me, “I thought we were playing a game and it turned out to be mean and I didn’t like it”.

The octopus class is working on bullying, being an advocate, being a good friend, how to take care of yourself etc.  This activity really shook Ella.

Later on during the day at free time, she sat down and wrote this card for Kay.

note.jpgWhat a love!

Sweet and wonderful times

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

We are continuing to have such a wonderful time with grandma and papa.  This past week has been terrific.  We’re doing crazy touristy things and that means large crowds and patience.  All of the adults are making sure that we don’t forget to breathe.  Ella is having a blast.  On Sunday, we went to Pier 39 to the Aquarium by the Bay.  We always have fun there and this time we watched a 3-D movie on sharks which was beautiful and very informative.  Today, mommy had to go to work, but Ella, grandma, papa and I were very brave and went to the Academy along with the 16,000 other families who were in SF for the holidays.  After the Academy we took a beautiful walk around Stowe Lake and tonight played some great games.

113.jpg Beautiful shot of Ella and papa.

27.jpg36.jpg Ella picked out an oyster and got a silver pearl.

46.jpgThis is true love – grandma actually put her hands in the water!  What do you think of the photo bomber behind them?

56.jpg65.jpg Classic shot in front of the giant wall of fish.

75.jpg85.jpg Awesome trio of love.

94.jpg I photo bombed Ella!

103.jpgPlaying an amazing game – I forgot the name but it teaches all about the United States.

Golf camp and Ella’s first non-fiction book

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Ella went to her first day of golf camp today.  She said that she had a great time.  We are going to have to go and spy on her during the week!  Here is a picture of Ella at home this morning before camp.


Next, here is Ella’s first non-fiction book.  She did this over a period of a few weeks at school.  She came up with the idea on her own and did the whole thing by herself.  We love everything about this book!


Passover part 2

Monday, April 8th, 2013

So much to do!  Here is the next part of Passover.  Tomorrow night, I will post Ella’s fun filled weekend with lots of sports.

20.jpgMommy and Ella with the elephants at the Museum of Natural History.

21.jpg Ella in front of the scariest exhibit in the whale hall.  The sperm whale fighting a giant squid.  We were so afraid of this when we were younger.

22.jpg We met up with Jordin and Twyla and another one of their friends.  Notice how the girls are paying attention and looking at the camera and the boys are just doing their thing!

23.jpg Beautiful cousins.

24.jpgMaybe one day…

25.jpg Mommy kvelling over Ella reading the Four Questions.

26.jpgGeorgia, Bronwen. Ella and Milo after finding the afikomen.  Milo found it!

27.jpg28.jpg Sweet cousins at Fireman’s Park.

29.jpg Doing a little spring cleaning – I found my old brownie uniform!

30.jpg32.jpg Fun at the museum of math.

33.jpgThese two love each other so much.

34.jpg Storytime with AJ.

35.jpgClimbing right up to the sky.

36.jpgElla and Milo had a blast at this playground.

37.jpg Ella loves her papa so much.

38.jpg Hanging out with Milo and Zach.

39.jpg Last chance to touch the sky.  See you in the summer!